• white house wrap Manufacturers, white house wrap Factory, Supply white house wrap
  • white house wrap Manufacturers, white house wrap Factory, Supply white house wrap
  • white house wrap Manufacturers, white house wrap Factory, Supply white house wrap
  • white house wrap Manufacturers, white house wrap Factory, Supply white house wrap

white house wrap

Product origin :Dawang Village, Dacheng County, Langfang, Hebei, China (Mainland)

Delivery time :15 days

Supply capacity :100000m²

House wrap PP non-woven fabric+Polymer microporous membrane+PP non-woven fabric light
weight,easy to handle, UV and heat resistant and fast To install.

house wrap

Test items/unitIndex





Vapor transmission rat



500-2000mm water-column,2h,Impermeable

Maximum tension(longitudinal)


Maximum tension(transversal)


 Elongation at break(longitudinal)


Elongation at break(transversal)


Tear resistance(longitudinal)


Tear resistance(transversal)


Air oven aging test

80℃ ×168h

Maximum tension retention



Elongation retention at fracture







roof waterproof

roof waterproofing membrane products

House wrap with high reflection, low radiation, effectively enhance the building heat insulation effect.

Has good air permeability, high strength, excellent durability, waterproof, windproof spread is in 

building palisade structure heat preservation, heat insulation) layer outside a layer of membrane 

function, is suitable for the curtain wall (wood), pressed steel plates, steel structure, masonry 

composite wall and the slope roof, based on the envelope heat preservation, heat insulation) layer

coated, reducing water and air permeability of building, at the same time retaining structure and 

indoor moisture vapor discharge, effectively avoid mold and track down water generated in the 

house wall, ensure insulation (thermal insulation) material performance of the play, so as to achieve 

energy saving, to improve the durability of buildings.

house wrap is a group of copolymer, no physical microporous, is composed of hard chain segment 

and soft chain segment, can play a waterproof and breathable role.

Microporous membrane is a very thin layer of polymer film, can also effectively waterproof and 


As for the microporous hydrophilic membrane is composed of hydrophilic membrane and 

microporous membrane.

Improvement of waterproof breathable film on buildings:

1.house wrap pavement is installed outside the insulation layer to cover the whole building, so

as to reduce air leakage and convection heat loss and effectively strengthen the air tightness of 

the building.

2.house wrap excellent waterproof performance, strict coating, protect the building from moisture 

and rain erosion.Effectively ensure the thermal insulation effect and durability of the building, make 

the building more energy-saving, environmental protection.

3.house wrap pavement installed outside the insulation layer, can ensure the effective discharge of 

moisture in the enclosure structure, reduce the risk of roof condensation, solve the problem of moisture 

condensation, protect the insulation layer.

4.house wrap laid on the water strip, the needle eye in the high point, rain along the water strip down 

and free discharge, waterproof more guarantee.

5.house wrap protection insulation layer, insulation layer above the need to do fine stone concrete 

or coated waterproof materials, can reduce the project cost.

house wrap

roof waterproof

roof waterproofing membrane products

house wrap

roof waterproof

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