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Supply capacity :100000m²


Waterproof Breathable Membrane

Test items/unit

Product specifications/Index

Detection method

HP-F301 HP-F35 HP-F49
Vapor transmission ra(g/m².24h) 1000-2500 1000-2500 1000-2500 1000-2500 GB/T 17146-1997
Watertightness(mm) 1500-3000 1500-3000 1500-3000 1500-3000 GB/T 328.10-2007 A
Breaking strength(N/50mm) ≥100 ≥120 ≥180 ≥260

GB/T 328.9-2007 A

Elongation at break(%) ≥40 ≥40 ≥60 ≥60

Tear resistance(N)

60-100 80-120 100-130

GB/T 328.18-22.7

Screw rod method

Low temperature flexibily(°C) -40 -40 -40 -40 GB/T 328.15-2007
Flame retardant

GB/T 5626-2007
GB/T 2291-2014
waterproof roofing membrane


 PP non-woven fabric+Polymer microporous membrane+pp non-woven fabric

 Ligh weight,easy to handle,UV and heat resistant and fast to install.

 House wrap is pliable,so it readily wraps around corners,interfaces at joints and wraps over unique architectural geometries.


house wrap material

  House wrap is suitable for timber frame wall systems,steel frame and concrete

1. Introduction of Breathable waterproof membrane / underlayment / house wrap
House wrap is also known as roofing underlayment or housewrap,

which is a polymeric composite waterproofing material. It is produced with PP non-woven 

fabric + PE fuctional film + PP non-woven fabric. The PP fabric works as protection and 

reinforcement, while the micro-porous PE film is the functional layer which is water-resistant 

but allow water vapour to pass through.
House wrap is widely used in roofing or wall system, outside the insulation 

layer. It is water resistant, which prevents the outside water get inside, while allows the inside 

vapor or humidity/moisture permeates to the exterior. This can keeps the insulation system dry 

and prevent damages to the roof/wall system or inside facilities from condensed water dew. By 

using  breathable waterproof membrane, the insulation system can be perfectly protected and 

sustainable energy saving achieved.

2. Technical Data of  Breathable waterproof membrane / underlayment / house wrap
Area Weight: 80-150G/M2.
Roll Size: 1.5m X 50m
Water Resistant: Class W1
Vapor Permeability: >1000G/M2/24h
UV resistant: >3 month
Cryogenic flexibility: -30ºC without crack

3. Application of  Breathable waterproof membrane / underlayment / house wrap

Breathable Waterproof Membrane is widely used in roofing or wall system, outside the insulation 

layer. It can be used for wooden structure, steel structure, curtain wall structure, concrete or cladding system.


Waterproof Breathable Membrane


waterproof roofing membrane

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house wrap material


Waterproof Breathable Membrane

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