Thermal Insulation Membrane

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The substrate of the thermal insulation film is made up of multi-layer tough polyester film, which is compounded with special CDA adhesive, and then installed on the inner surface of the building glass. It forms an "invisible tough barrier" on the glass to prevent the splash damage caused by natural disasters and terrorist explosions, reduce the possibility of personal injury, and upgrade the existing glass. Windows meet safety regulations.

Heat Insulation Film

Thermal insulation membrane is a radiant barrier which applied the thin sheet of reflective material 

to a substrate such as Kraft paper,plastic film,cardboard,or plywood.

fabric barrierDurable Heat Insulation Film
Heat Insulation Film

◆ Mainly used as facing for glass wool insulation,rockwool,mineral wool and so on.

◆ Under roof decking,under attic rafters,over existing attic thermal insulation,

in floors,walls and crawl spaces.

◆ In industrial and commercial buildings to block radiant heat coming into house through 

the roof during the summer and retain indoor heat generated duting in winter.

◆ Reinforced with Tri-way fiberglass scrim also used as a moisture vapor barrier in air 

conditioning ductworks and cold rooms.

Thermal insulation membrane efficiency:

1. Heat insulation performance: high-tech sun control products can be quantified, heat insulation 

rate can reach 79%. The room with heat insulation film in summer than the room without film temperature 

reduction of more than 3-6 degrees (depending on the size and orientation of the window area) effective 

control of sunlight and exposure, reduce air conditioning costs. Healthy and comfortable. Curtain, 

sunshade umbrella, awning: Traditional sunshade product heat insulation rate can not be quantified, 

many times it is sunshade and can not do heat insulation.

2. Warmth: Glass film in winter can play a role in heat preservation, indoor heat sources (far infrared) 

can be reflected back to the indoor, thus playing a role in heat preservation.

3. Ultraviolet insulation: Home window paste film because the film was filled with ultraviolet absorbent 

can isolate 99% of the ultraviolet radiation, protect the skin from injury, household furniture, floors, 

cloth art does not fade.

4. Private, one-way perspective: home window paste film, metallized window paste film, in the glass to 

form a "mirror" effect. During the daytime, the eyes of others can not be effectively obscured, and the 

outdoor landscape is not affected.

5. Safety explosion-proof, theft-proof, bullet-proof: glass encounters external impact and breakage, 

its splashing debris is extremely vulnerable to injury. The safety film is mounted on the inner surface 

of the window glass to effectively improve the safety and explosion-proof performance of the glass and 

protect the safety of family members. Ironclad building membrane security, anti-theft, anti riot, 

bulletproof, real invisible burglar net, instead of anti-theft iron fence.

Use objects

1, function: decoration, privacy, safety

Suitable for: interior glass partition, shower room, glass, kitchen, toilet, glass, office partition, etc.

2, function: prevent glass burst safety, burglar.

Suitable for: windows, windows, windows, glass, villas, doors and windows, etc.

3, functions: privacy, heat insulation, electricity saving and safety.

Suitable for: sunny room, sunny room, frameless balcony, office monitoring room, etc.

4, functions: privacy, heat insulation, electricity saving and safety.

Suitable for: building office glass partition, home windows, etc.

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fabric barrier

Durable Heat Insulation Film

Heat Insulation Film

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