20cm Flashing butyl tape

Brand :Panzhu

Product origin :Dawang Village, Dacheng County, Langfang, Hebei, China (Mainland)

Delivery time :15 days

Supply capacity :100000roll

This product is with good flexibility, less drape after construction, attractive and fashionable effect

Flashing Butyl Tape

Product name:Butyl rubber tapeSuggestions for use

Product specification:5cm*5m、10cm*5m、15cm*5m


Sunlight room and Glass joints:5cm/10cm

The glass joins the vertical wall:10cm/15cm

Surface crack:10cm/15cm

Vertical cracks:5cm/10cm

By the window:5cm/10cm

Product features:High elastic aging resistant film coated with high quality butyl self-adhesive, with excellent aging resistance, high elongation, high peel strength, fast viscosity and other advantages.
Range of application:Car roof, roof, and other waterproof seals of  irregularities, low-pressure water pipes, water storage tanks and other winding seals.
Matters need attention:The construction needs to keep the ground dry, without too much dust and loose structure, paste well need to be compacted to remove bubbles



Butyl rubber tape is made of butyl rubber as the main material, with other additives, choosing 

macromolecule materials which are produced through special process flow and are environment-

friendly solvent-free, non-curing self-adhesive waterproof sealant. It has bonding force on the 

surface of various materials and is weatherability, aging resistance and waterproofing properties. 

It is also sealant, vibration damping and protective to the surface of the bonding surfaces. It completely 

does not contain solvent,so it does not shrink and emit toxic gases; it does not solidify, so it expands 

and condenses with the shape of the surface of the adhesives.It is a new type of waterproof material.

Product characteristics

(1) Excellent mechanical properties: high bond strength, high tensile strength, good elasticity and 

elongation, and good adaptability to interface deformation and cracking.

(2) Stable chemical properties: excellent chemical resistance, weatherability and corrosion resistance.

(3) Reliable application performance: its adhesion, waterproofing, sealing, low temperature resistance 

and good follow-up, size stability.

(4) Simple construction and operation technology

Scope of application

(1) Roof waterproofing, underground waterproofing, waterproof treatment of structural construction 

joints and lap sealing of polymer waterproofing membrane for new construction projects.

(2) Sealing and waterproofing treatment of construction joints of metro tunnel structure in municipal 


(3) Air tightness, waterproof and shock absorption at the joints of color profiled plates. Air tightness, 

waterproofing and shock absorption at joints in sunshine panel engineering.

(4) Adhesive sealing treatment in automobile assembly

(5) Waterproof and sealing treatment of joints in steel structure construction

Flashing Butyl Tape



Flashing Butyl Tape

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