Wrapping Method for Flashing Tape

Flashing Tape is a kind of self-adhesive waterproof flashing tape made of butyl rubber as the main raw material, with other additives, aluminum foil as backing, through advanced processing technology.Flashing Tape has strong adhesion, excellent weather resistance, aging resistance and flashing performance.Flashing Tape has the performance of sealing, shock absorption and protection on the surface of the adherend. The product is completely solvent free, so Flashing Tape does not shrink, does not emit toxic gases.Flashing Tape is an extremely advanced environmental protection flashing material.Flashing Tape is suitable for roof flashing, underground flashing, waterproof treatment of structure joints and sealing of waterproof membranes laps.Flashing Tape is also used on the sealing and waterproof treatment of construction joints of subway tunnel structure in municipal engineering, air tightness, flashing and shock absorption of IBR sheet joints,air tightness, flashing  and shock absorption of sun room plate joints.Sealing treatment in automobile assembly;Flashing and sealing treatment of steel structure joints;Compound aluminum foil Flashing Tape is suitable for all kinds of concrete or timer roofing, IBR sheets, steel structure, waterproof membrane, PC board etc. All kinds of  waterproof seals under sunshine with higher temperature.

 Flashing Tape

Roofing tape is a kind of pressure sensitive adhesive tape made from aluminum foil and butyl rubber, through advanced production process.Roofing tape has good adhesive sealing performance for a variety of metal and nonmetal materials. Roofing tape also has excellent weather resistance, aging resistance and chemical media resistance performance. Roofing tape has the sealing, shock absorption and protection performance to the adherend.Roofing tape does not contain organic solvent, has strong viscosity, and does not cure for life. Roofing tape  can follow the deformation caused by heat expansion, cold contraction and external force on the surface of the adherend.Roofing tape is an eco friendly flashing material with excellent performance.Before using, it is necessary to remove water, oil, dirt, dust and other impurities on the surface. The silicon rubber adhered before should also be removed. In special cases, organic solvent can be used.It is necessary to wait until the adherend surface is completely dry before construction.Remove the interleaving paper from the tape and stick along the seams or cracks.Press the surface of the adhesive tape by hand or with a roller, so that the adhesive tape is fully bonded to the surface of the adherend.

Roofing tape 

Roof seam tape thickness is relatively uniform.The Bond Strength between the base material and the adhesive layer is relatively high. During use, the phenomenon of degumming should be avoided. Today, I would like to tell you about its wrapping method, let's have a look:

(1) The pipe surface shall be derusted. The welding seams should be smoothed. The metal burr removed. After derusting, the attachments on the pipe surface shall be cleaned and the pipe surface shall be kept dry.

(2) The primer should be applied within 6 hours after the surface pretreatment of the pipe. If the time is too long or over a night, or facing some weather of wind and sand, the surface will be stained with dust due to some problems. If the time is truly too long, the surface should be treated again. The primer should be stirred evenly in the container before painting. When thickening, diluent matching the primer should be added. Only when the mixture is with appropriate viscosity, can it be applied.

(3) the primer can be sprayed with a clean brush, roller or other mechanical method.When the primer is dry, the Roof seam tape can be applied within 2-3 minutes, and the time interval between the spraying of primer and the applying of flashing tape should be less than 8 hours.

(4) when wrapping Roof seam tape, the lining of the tape shall be parallel and shall not be twisted and wrinkled, and a certain tension shall be maintained to make the tape tightly connected.

Roof seam tape 

Roof seaming tape with aluminum foil has a good reflection of ultraviolet radiation.Roof seaming tape with aluminum foil can play the role of anti-corrosion insulation.Why is there wrinkles during the tape construction? I'd like to share with you today.

1. The rubber layer of the roller is too thin, and the hard part of the roller directly attach the tape, that will cause wrinkles.

2. The rotation of the roller is not smooth or even stopped. The roller head shakes. These problems will cause wrinkles.

3. No matter how the adhesive tape is wrapped,if there is an air bubble between the adhesive and the surface, it should be removed.Or an air film will be formed between the surface of the steel pipe and the tape, which will easily cause the wrinkle problems.

When it comes to Roof seaming tape with aluminum foil, there are mainly these reasons for wrinkles. You may understand how to use Roof seaming tape with aluminum foil now. 

Flashing Tape 

PANZHU RV tape has good performance:

1. RV tape Waterproof:correctly paste butyl tape with roller compaction can be perfectly waterproof , because RV tape is a pressure sensitive tape.

2. RV tape Air tightness:The characteristics of butyl rubber determine that the air tight performance of RV tape is very good

3. RV tape Reflective: RV tape tape can be used for the connection of reflective materials.RV tape will not reduce the reflective performance of the material.

4. RV tape Durability:  RV tape is an inert material with a service life of 50 years

5.RV tape Wide temperature range: RV tape can resist high temperature 120 ℃, low temperature minus 40 ℃



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