Wrap Your House

House Wrap

It's the weekend again, and you're probably wrapping up gifts for your friends, colleagues, or relatives.But don't forget to wrap your house!Wrap my house?Yes, your house.We're not talking about gift paper, we're talking about the house wrap underneath the wall cladding.House Wrap is a part of building envelope system, which is very important to protect the building from water invasion!


Waterproof Membrane

Waterproof breathable membrane should be installed before doors and Windows are installed and after the structure wall boards (e.g. plywood) are finished.Waterproof breathable membrane is usually a synthetic material used to protect a house from wind and rain, preventing rain water from entering the walls while allowing water vapor to penetrate outside. If there are no Waterproof breathable membrane, the rain will go in and out the wall freely. That will cause a lot of problems. The metal screws and wood walls of the house will rot and mold, and the insulation wool will lose its R value.If the laps are carefully flashed, Waterproof breathable membrane can also become a very good air barrier, to reduce the appearance of small airflow indoors.

 House Wrap

Breathable Membrane

In fact, all the installation method of Waterproof breathable membranes are nearly the same. When installing a Waterproof breathable membrane, it is very important to follow the installation instructions seriously. That is often where most of the problems lie.When customers complain about water problems, if there is no obvious product damage, then most of the time, the problem lies in the installation method


Breather Membrane


Breather Membranes are readily available and some key installation requirements are:


Overlaps should be wide enough

The seams are as few as possible

Use special flashing tape to flash seams

Whether the Windows and doors are installed waterproof

Type of fastener that fix the breather membrane to the sheathing wall

The way to fix the breather membrane to the roof and ensure the waterproof performance

The top and sill of the Windows are perfectly flashed

And so on.

 Waterproof Membrane

Wall Membrane

Each product has its own installation method, it is a good habit to spend some time to learn.


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