Why Should Hospital Buildings Use House Wrap?

Why Should Hospital Buildings Use House Wrap?

House Wrap

With the development of the times and the improvement of people's living environment requirements,people pay more and more attention to healthy and comfortable living environment. At the same time, some special buildings, such as hospital buildings, also have higher requirements on the indoor environment.

A hospital is not only a place to treat patients, but also a place where patients regain their health.Most people who live in hospitals are frail, so the hospital environment plays a vital role in the recuperation of patients’ health.

House Wrap

Waterproof Membrane

Why can PANBHU Waterproof Membrane be applied to the outside wall of the hospital?What are the benefits of Waterproof Membrane to the indoor environment of the hospital?We should start from the performance of waterproof membrane.

Waterproof Membrane is a kind of high-tech microporous membrane.Waterproof Membrane has waterproof and breathable performances.Since the minimum diameter of water droplets is 20 microns, and the diameter of water vapor is only about 0.0004 microns. There is a huge difference between the two diameters. Water vapor can pass through the microporous membrane, while liquid water cannot pass through due to its surface tension. This prevents the penetration of water and makes the breathable membrane waterproof.Waterproof Membrane is one of the most high tech products in the world.

Breathable Membrane

Application of Breathable Membrane:

1. Waterproof Performance: most modern houses need to install insulation, which has many advantages. In winter, it can reduce energy consumption for heating and in summer, it can reduce energy consumption for cooling.But if the insulation is immersed in water, the insulation effect will be greatly reduced, because the water is thermal conductivity.If the breathable membrane is installed on the outside of the insulation,breathable membrane can effectively prevent the rain water from immersing into the insulation and the erosion of the insulation by rain water, which effectively prevent the decline of insulation effect.

Waterproof Membrane

Waterproofing Membrane

2. Air permeability: if the Waterproofing Membrane is installed on the outside of the insulation, will mold grow inside the insulation?The answer is: no.Because the Waterproofing Membrane not only has good water resistance performance, but also has good air permeability performance.In winter, water vapor inside the insulation condenses into droplets when the temperature drops to the dew point, even without rain coming in.If these moisture cannot be discharged in time, it will lead to mildew and rot inside the insulation, which will affect the service life of the insulation.If Waterproofing Membrane is installed,due to the micro porous structure of Waterproofing Membrane, the moisture inside can be effectively discharged to the outside of the insulation, allowing the insulation to maintain a good status.And a clean insulation not only brings fresh air indoor, but also protects the health of indoor people.

Breathing Membrane

3. Durability: the tensile strength and tearing strength of PANZHU Breathing Membrane is being improved from time to time, and PANZHU Breathing Membrane has been able to meet the using standards of many countries in the world.

4. Thermal insulation performance: under the Supervision of the National Building Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the thermal insulation system of Breathing Membrane with hanging mesh gypsum was tested.The test results show that the Breathing Membrane with 3cm air layer has the thermal resistance value of 0.307, which is equivalent to the thermal resistance value of twice the same thickness of air layer and 43% of EPS insulation board (according to "National Architectural Design Standard GB50176"). The insulation effect is significant.

In a word, with the installation of Breathing Membrane, the insulation effect of insulation layer can be well guaranteed, and the whole building is more energy efficient.And the healthy status of the insulation can be better protected.

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