Why is Vapor Barrier So Widely Used?

Vapor Barrier 

Vapor Barrier is widely used in steel structure (engineering structure) industrial plant, cold storage, granary, opera house, airport terminal, library, gymnasium, railway station, bus station, large exhibition center, wood structure house, light steel villa, all kinds of dry hanging material curtain wall and other large buildings.Basically the building will use the vapor barrier and its partner house wrap, What is their appeal?

Vapor Retarder

Main properties and functions of Vapor Retarder

Vapor Retarder has a good waterproof performance. Vapor Retarder can effectively prevent the wind and rain from the invasion of wind and rain. Vapor Retarder can effectively prevent the cold air invasion and reduce the energy consumption of insulation. Combined with other insulation materials (glass wool, rock wool), Vapor Retarder can effectively prevent water vapor from entering the insulation and form a comprehensive protection to it, ensuring the effectiveness of the insulation, so as to achieve the role of continuous energy saving and improve the durability of the building.

Vapor Barrier For Insulation

Vapor Barrier For Insulation has the function of impermeability, waterproof and moisture-proof.The Vapor Barrier For Insulation is laid between the roofing base and the insulation, which can strengthen the building's air tightness and water tightness, and slow down the discharge speed of water vapor in the concrete structure and indoor moisture into the insulation.

When used Vapor Barrier For Insulation together with the HOUSE WRAP above the insulation. The house wrap can effectively discharge water vapor and protect the thermal performance of the envelop structure, avoid roofing mold breeding, and improve the air quality of the living room.Vapor Barrier For Insulation and house wrap can save energy for the house.

Vapor Barrier

Vapor Barrier in Crawl Space

The material of Vapor Barrier in Crawl Space is not only waterproof, but also can isolate the infiltration of steam. When choosing Vapor Barrier in Crawl Space, it should be airproof and watertight.According to the practice using, the insulation is buried and pressed by the insulation layer. In order to improve the resistance to the deformation of the roof base, Vapor Barrier in Crawl Space is advisable to be laid directly on the roofing base.

Vapor Barrier in Basement

Water vapor inside the insulation will lead to condensation water in the wall cavity (so-called condensed water), accelerating the aging of building materials, such as the corrosion of steel, which will have a serious impact on the durability of the building.Rain water and moisture entering the envelope with airflow will reduce the effectiveness of thermal resistance of the insulation, resulting in more energy consumption.Of course, the effect of moisture on different insulation materials is different.The incoming airflow will form convection circulation within the building envelope, which will also reduce the effectiveness of the thermal resistance of the insulation, resulting in more energy consumption.Similarly, the influence of airflow on different insulation materials is different.When airflow enters the room, people will have to use larger HVAC devices to compensate for the heat/energy loss, thus increasing the building energy consumption.

Vapor Retarder

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