Why does house wrap save energy for buildings

                                Why does house wrap save energy for buildings

House wrap is the latest tech building materials widely used in recent years.House wrap is mainly used in timer frame and steel structure buildings.This kind of house is earthquake-resistant and easy to assemble, which will help save resources and energy.

House wrap

Waterproof membrane is mainly installed on the outside of house insulation to play the role of waterproof and breathable.This breathable membrane can protect the insulation from the rot and damage caused by mold and moisture, and extend the service life of the building.

Waterproof membrane

Breathable membrane is a high-tech microporous membrane.There are several micro pores on the material, the size of which allows air molecules to pass through but not water molecules, so the material can be both waterproof and breathable, similar to the properties of mountain jacket.

Breathable membrane

Why does breathing membrane save energy for buildings?Because breathing membrane can bring several benefits to buildings:

Breathing membrane air tightness: there are many tiny gaps on shear walls without breathing membrane. These gaps are invisible to the naked eye, but they actually let wind blow into our room easily and spread out the accumulated heat and cool air quickly, increasing the burden of HVAC system .If the breathing membrane is installed, the breathing membrane makes the insulation airtight,and there is no stuffy feeling because the material is breathable as well.

House wrap

Waterproofing membrane watertightness: After installed breathable membrane,the house is undoubtedly more waterproof, and the breathable membrane can also make the insulation dry up easily.

Highly tensile strength: the tensile strength of PANZHU HOUSE WRAP can reach more than 200N/50mm.This strength can ensure the service life of the membrane and the house, effectively reduce the maintenance trouble for the owner.

Air permeability: PANZHU HOUSE WRAP has good air permeability, which is equivalent to the American standard 63 US perm, at the same time, the waterproof performance is also excellent, which makes it a good protective layer for house insulation.

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