Has your house wrap been used correctly?

House Wrap

When we build a house, we all want it to be warm in winter and cool in summer. It is a place where we come in tired and come out energized.So this has some high requirement to the wall insulation of a house. If the house can not only keep warm, but also to have a certain amount of windproof, air permeability, of course, waterproof effect, that would be very good. After all, no one like to repair house roof on a rainy day.


What materials are used for the insulation of the house? I believe we all know rock wool board, this is a kind of good insulation material which do not need repeated maintenance a lot, fire preventing, not easy to decompose, not easy to become mold and rot and can bring a warm indoor environment.However, a house use only rock wool board without house wraps (breather membrane) is not applicable. The wind and rain protection effect will be greatly reduced, and indoor comfort will be affected.Today we are going to talk about the waterproof and breathable house wrap.

House Wrap 

Waterproof Membrane

Waterproof membrane (breather membrane) is a new kind of product appear these years.High quality waterproof membrane is generally composed of three layers: the inner and outer shelter layer and the middle function layer with waterproof and breathable performance.The functional layer in the middle is a high-tech material.It is a kind of microporous membrane not produced by mechanical means, but by chemical means with high strength. Micropores are curved channels that only allow water vapor to pass through, but keep dust, water droplets,etc outside the membrane.


Breathable Membrane

Working principle of Breathable Membrane:

When we wear clothes, do we prefer a raincoat with no air permeability at all or a hiking jacket with some air permeability but wind and rain proof?The answer is clear, right?Waterproof breathable membrane (breather membrane) is a new use of hiking jacket material (waterproof breathable membrane) in architecture.


Advantages of waterproof breathable membrane:

Waterproof breathable membrane can slow down the air flow inside the house, but it can also keep the house from exchanging air with the outside world.

Waterproof Membrane


Breather Membrane

Usage of Breather Membrane:

If our indoor air is dry, we feel uncomfortable, but if this indoor steam is discharged into the wall structure,the walls will feel uncomfortable.All exterior wall boards are not completely waterproof, so it is important to have a wind and rain membrane on the outside of the insulation.If this membrane is completely impermeable, a lot of the steam generated in the indoor area will not be able to discharge smoothly and after accumulated in the wall structure for too long a time, the result is horrible.


Wall Membrane

Installation of waterproof breathable Wall Membrane:

In order to enhance the windproof performance of the Wall Membrane, there should be a wooden strip installed outside. Fix the insulation screw on the wooden strip. The screw should be longer than the total thickness of the insulation and be fixed on the inner wall board. On the laps of wall membrane, there should be double sided butyl tape in between and flashing butyl tape outside on the edge part. It is better to install a wooden strip on the laps.


The cladding can be installed on the wooden strip, so that there will be a layer of air between the cladding and membrane. This air layer can let the membrane collecting water content inside the insulation dry naturally by the wind. If the cladding is installed closely on the membrane, there will be some maintenance problems especially on some dark side. If the wall membrane is on a  saturation condition for a long time and there is not enough wind and sun to make it dry, there will be a series of maintenance problems. 

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