Why Do Buildings Use House Wrap

Why Do Buildings Use House Wrap

What is House Wrap?

As the name suggests, it wrap around the house and protect it.House wrap can be both waterproof and breathable. It sounds incredible, but our advanced technology makes this come true.In fact, the diameters of water and air molecules differ greatly.The house wrap uses a high strength and durable material and made it into a microporous membrane. There are many tiny holes on the membrane. The size of the holes can make the air molecules pass through smoothly and prevent the water molecules from passing through. So that the house wrap can be waterproof and breathable.

Waterproof Membrane Usage:

What are the applications of Waterproof Membrane in our life?The most common application is on buildings.With the increasingly demand of green buildings, most builders choose to use insulation on their building. According to a report by the American Institute of National Standards and Technology in 2005, buildings with waterproof membrane are 40% more energy-efficient than those without.Why is this happened?

House Wrap

Breathable Membrane Performances:

1. Thermal insulation: breathable membrane can prevent wind invasion and form a thermal insulation layer when combined with air layer.Common breathable membrane and an air layer with the thickness of 3 cm can form a thermal insulation layer with the thermal resistance of 0.307, which is equivalent to 43% EPS insulation board with the same thickness.

2. Waterproof: breathable membrane is used on the outside of the insulation, which can protect the insulation from rain erosion which will reduce the insulation performance.Due to the thermal conductivity of water, when the moisture content of the insulation rises, the thermal insulation performance of the insulation tends to decline. Therefore, keeping the insulation layer dry is the key method to extend the service life of the insulation and maintain its good using effect.

3. Air permeability: the breathable membrane produced with high-tech microporous membrane has good breathable performance.This performance can keep the insulation breathing smoothly, so as not to has mildew and decay phenomenon inside the insulation due to the storage of moisture. Thus effectively extend the service life of the insulation and improve the health level of it too.

Waterproof Membrane

Application of waterproofing membrane:

1. Timer Frame structure: with the consideration of environmental protection factors, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection in daily life. The building materials of timer frame structure are pure natural decomposing materials. The use of timer frame structure has a long history. People have already mastered their building methods.The insulation of timer frame structure can be rock wool and waterproofing membrane only, which are all green decomposable materials. Hope to realize the standard of green buildings as soon as possible.

2.Steel structure: steel structure are mainly used for large buildings, but recently they have appeared in the countryside as villa too, providing high quality life for farmers. The best buildings now is passive building. Even heating and cooling can make use of green energy. It's amazing to find such a good idea.

3. Concrete curtain wall structure: cause the curtain wall structure has an air layer inside, adding waterproofing membrane is equivalent to adding another insulation to the wall.Moreover, waterproofing membrane can increase the waterproof performance of the house too.

Breathing Membrane Selection:

1. Tensile strength: as the breathing membrane is applied to the outside of the insulation, it should resist the invasion of wind and rain, so the breathing membrane needs relatively higher tensile strength.

2. Breathable Performance: the water vapor transmission rate of breathing membranes on the market are also different. People can choose according to the local codes.

3. Service temperature: no matter steel structure or timer frame, the temperature of the roof is not low. A good breathing membrane should have a wide range of service temperature, so as to be able to adapt to the change of environment.

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