Where Should We Use Rock Wool ?

Rock WoolRock Wool

Nowadays, with the improvement of people's living standard, people's demand for housing also increases.

Years before, there are few external walls installed with insulation.Just brick walls, external concrete cement and that’s all.Therefore, the old building often has problems of leakage, mildew etc. They caused a large number of health problems to the residents living inside.People often feel cold by the window side. That is because the outer wall of the house often has air leakage problem, which brought great inconvenience to people's lives.

And now most of the houses are installed insulation just at the beginning of construction. There are curtain wall structure outside the insulation with an air layer inside the curtain wall. The insulation play an important role in energy saving for the building. Today, lets talk about a kind of good insulation layer ---------- Rock Wool Insulation.

Rock Wool Insulation

Rock Wool Insulation

When it comes to insulation, our first impression may be the expanded polystyrene sheets, but people are not so familiar with Rock Wool Insulation, let alone its internal composition and application.

The inner composition of Rock Wool Insulation is very special, which is just rock. But how can hard stone be made into the shape of insulation board?First, the rock is melted in a super high temperature. The melted rock goes through a centrifuge and the rock solution is blown into rock cotton fiber.Rock wool fibers are between 5 and 7 microns in diameter.

What are the excellent characteristics of rock wool?

Batt Insulation

Batt Insulation

1. Fire resistance: the main component of Batt Insulation is rock. It can be imagined that the fire resistance of rock is very high. Batt Insulation can reach fire rating A1 (GB/ T13350-2000) and is almost completely non-combustible.

2. Thermal Insulation: Batt Insulation is made of rock wool fiber.The density can be high or low.The low density Batt Insulation is like a quilt called blanket, the high density Batt Insulation looks like a board in appearance, but there are many gaps between the fibers, these gaps can play the role of thermal and sound insulation, just like a quilt.

3. Sound insulation performance: it has been proved that the sound insulation effect of the light wall behind the rock wool board with the filling density of 60-180kg/m3 is 8 ~ 15 db higher than that of the rock wool board without filling only with plasterboard.It has been proved that after filling rock wool board with a bulk density of 60-180kg/m3, the sound insulation effect of light wall is 8 ~ 15 db higher than that of walls with gypsum board only.First, its sound insulation effect is good;Second, its fire coefficient is high. Batt Insulation is fully able to meet some high fire rating standard buildings.

4. Waterproofing: good Batt Insulation has the performance of Hydrophobicity, because the  Batt Insulation has been added some waterproof material.

Rock Wool

Mineral Wool of PANZHU BRAND Unique Characteristics

The most unique feature of PANZHU Mineral Wool is its high acidity coefficient.The acidity coefficient mainly affects the corrosive performance of the Mineral Wool.The higher the acidity coefficient, the less corrosive the product will be.The national standard of the acidity coefficient is 1.6, but the acidity coefficient of PANZHU Mineral Wool can reach 2.0, which can effectively prevent the Mineral Wool from rot and mold inside and extend the service life of the Mineral Wool

Rock Wool Insulation

Mineral Wool Insulation Application?

1. Timer frame structure and steel structure wall: plasterboard + Mineral Wool Insulation + plasterboard can form the simplest wall. Of course, if the insulation effect need to be better, people will use two layers of Mineral Wool Insulation, or with some air layer inside to achieve better insulation effect.

2. Building external wall insulation: ordinary reinforced concrete building gives people a feeling of cold. Cement, brick and tile have a certain degree of water permeability. They can not be completely waterproof without adding house wrap outside, so the building wall needs Mineral Wool Insulation

3. Office building or partition inside a building: Gypsum board (1 layer or multi-layer)+ channel steel + rock wool board + gypsum board (1 layer or multi-layer) rock wool board here plays the role of safe and sound insulation, which absorbs part of the sound wave going through the gypsum board and reduces the sound wave reflection in the gypsum board,channel steel and the cavity between them. Thus improve the wall soundproof effect.It has been proved that after filling rock wool board with a bulk density of 60-180kg/m3, the sound insulation effect of light wall is 8 ~ 15 db higher than that of walls with gypsum board only.

What are the other applications of rock wool board?Would you like to talk about it?





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