Where can rock wool board be used?

PANZHU Rock Wool insulation Board, is made of high-quality basalt as the main raw material. It is made by international advanced system of four roll centrifugal cotton producing machine during high temperature melting, which can make basaltic rock wool into a discontinued fiber of 4 ~ 7 microns , and then add a certain amount of binder, dust laying oil, water repellent in rock wool fiber with the process of sedimentation, curing, cutting, and finally made into different density according to different uses.

A. The characteristics of PANZHU rock wool board:

1. Ultra-high fire performance: The softening point of PANZHU rock wool fiber is 900-1000, Using in 600 will not cause any change in shape and performance.

2. Reshrinking temp: 643

3. Water resistance: the moisture absorption of PANZHU rock wool board is only 3.9% (the water content of 100 kg rock wool board is 3.9 kg), which does not affect its performance at all.

4. Low organic content: the organic content of PANZHU rock wool board is 2.9% (the lower the organic content is, the better the flame retardant, sound insulation and heat preservation effect of the product will be)

5. Sound insulation: with different thickness, ROCK WOOL BOARD can reduce 30-50 db noise.

6. Durability: the acidity coefficient represents the durability of rock wool board.National standard requires ≥1.6, while the acidity coefficient of PANZHU rock wool board is ≥2.0, which is suitable for high-rise buildings and other applications with high insulation requirements.

7. Thermal insulation performance: thermal conductivity (room temperature) of PANZHU rock wool board is 0.035w/m2.k

B. Application of PANZHU rock wool board

1. PANZHU moisture-proof rock wool board: Marine rock wool board is used for thermal insulation and fire prevention partition of ships;Water-repellent rock wool board is used for vehicles, mobile equipment, cold storage projects, air conditioning pipelines, heat preservation in humid environment and moisture-proof applications.

2. PANZHU rock wool board has excellent fire prevention, insulation and sound absorption performance: it is mainly used for the insulation and sound insulation of building walls and roofs;Fire prevention and noise reduction of building partitions, firewalls, fire doors and elevator shafts.

Range of application

Petrochemical industry - the heat insulation sound absorption and noise reduction of oil, electric power and chemical industry equipment

Building industry - the heat insulation sound absorption and noise reduction of building partitions, curtain walls, roofs and enclosures.

Industrial and mining industry - industrial kiln, oven, large diameter storage tank and ship insulation and fire prevention

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