What Kind of Insulation Does Your House Use?

Rock Wool

Every house need to use insulation in order to keep warm in winter and cool in summer. The most important thing is to let your insulation work properly. Today, we’re going to introduce a kind of popular insulation -----Rock Wool Insulation.


Rock wool is an inorganic fiber made of basalt and feldspar by high temperature melting.These fibers have been settled and solidified to form rock wool coil felt, rock wool board, rock wool tube and other products.The outer wall of our house is often made of rock wool.


Mineral Wool

We can just use a bread knife to cut a large piece of mineral wool into a shape that is slightly larger than the cavity of the wall and fill in it.Remember to make it a bit larger so that the gaps in the walls are filled more tightly, in order to reduce the discomfort caused by small air gaps on the wall.In order to increase the windproof performance of the wall, house wraps can be used on the outside of the Mineral Wool insulation. Double-sided butyl tape can be used inside the laps and wood strips can be used on the outside.The wood strips can be fixed with insulation screw and the screw should penetrate through the insulation and be fixed on the inner wall board. In this way, the windproof and waterproof performance of the house can both be improved.


Mineral Wool products have many excellent performances:

1.Excellent fireproof performance. The raw material of Mineral Wool insulation is rock, that is to say the fireproof performance of this product is next to the rock. The highest using temperature of rocks is higher than that of metal.Common rock wool can bear a fire flame about 1 hour or so.This greatly increases the fire resistance of the house and increase the escape time when meeting fire.

 Rock Wool

Insulation Roll

2. The Sound insulation Roll performance is excellent: rock wool Insulation Roll

also has perfect sound absorption effect.Because the fibers of rock wool are flexible.When the sound wave meets the rock wool fiber, the fiber generates vibration and the sound energy is converted into kinetic energy and heat energy. That greatly reduce the transmission of sound energy and achieves the effect of sound absorption.


3. The thickness of rock wool roll insulation: rock wool thermal conductivity is λ =0.040W/ m2.k, H is the thickness value with the unit meter, R is the thermal resistance value.The thickness of rock wool H=R*λ. When the thermal resistance of rock wool is 1, the thickness of rock wool is H=1*0.040=0.04m, or 40mm.


Batt Insulation

4. Waterproof performance: rock wool Batt Insulation is added moisture repellent during production.If there is a small amount of water on the surface of rock wool board, it will not penetrate in, but only produce lotus leaf effect.The moisture absorption rate of rock wool is relatively low,which means the moisture rate in rock wool is low.That will reduce the possibility of breeding bacteria.

Mineral Wool


Rock Wool Board

5. Low Acidity Coefficient: Acidity Coefficient refers to the corrosion performance of the rock wool to the inner components or screws. This can affect the stability of the using effect.Low Acidity Coefficient product will have lower possibility to corrode other products and can be used for a longer time.In China, the rock wool board are often used as outer wall insulation for high rise buildings.Even the rock wool board is fixed by insulation screws, it can still be used for quite a long time facing wind and rain. 

6. Inorganic: rock wool products are inorganic material,which can not become food for bacteria and animals, so it can be used for a longer time.


Other applications of rock wool:

1.Ship: because the the rock wool insulation is light weight, waterproof and fireproof, it is often used for the cabin partition. Light weight will reduce the overall weight of the ship. Waterproof performance will reduce the moisture problems and fireproof will rise the safety factor.

2. High temperature equipment: many high temperature heating equipment use insulation to reduce the loss of heat, but the surface temperature of such equipment is relatively high, and most insulation products can not stand the temperature.But rock wool products generally do not have such a problem.The normal using temperature of rock wool can reach 600℃ without deformation, that is to say, the product will not be deformed if it is used at this temperature for a long time.

3. Insulation for various pipelines: the size of rock wool pipe insulation can be custom processed according to different sizes of pipelines for the convenience of customers.

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