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What is the Relationship Between Bulk Density and Thermal Conductivity of Rock Wool Insulation Board

Rock Wool

The strength of rock wool insulation board products, especially the tensile strength, is very important for the resistance to wind pressure. But for rock wool used in the field of building insulation, the market has a kind of wrong thinking: take exterior insulation system for example. High density rock wool products will have better mechanical strength, so we must improve the density of rock wool material in order to enhance the mechanical strength. In a lot of local technical regulations or standards in our country, there are also requirements on rock wool board used for external insulation system. But as a result, super high density causes the rise of thermal conductivity and weaken the heat preservation performance, and also cause troubles in construction installation.

 Rock Wool

Insulation Roll

Rock wool board insulation products has a development history of decades in China. Due to frequent fire in recent years appeared in construction and industrial field, class A fireproof insulation - rock wool has been valued and esteemed by all walks of industry. As is known to all, the heat conductivity and bulk density are both very important test items in the insulation material index. The heat conductivity coefficient measures the thermal performance of the insulation; and the density is a good way to measure if the insulation material can meet the technical requirements. For fiber materials, the change of thermal conductivity is related to fiber diameter, fiber orientation and product density. When the diameter and the arrangement of fibers are not changed, the too low or too high density of the rock wool products will not make an obvious contribution to the insulation or adiabatic function. The density range of rock wool board is generally from 80 to 100kg/ m3.

Mineral Wool

According to the analysis from the perspective of thermal insulation or for different system applications, the selection or R&D of rock wool materials can follow some basic principles: on the premise of meeting the basic using requirements(such as tensile strength, fire safety), mineral wool insulation should have as low thermal conductivity as possible, and the density should be in a reasonable range. With the continuous transformation on the normalization and standardization of domestic rock wool industry and increasingly attention on fire safety by the government, all walks of industry and the public, the innovative rock wool material will have much wider market prospects.

Wall Insulation

Rock wool Wall Insulation also has good sound insulation and absorption performance.First of all, the soft rock wool material is more convenient to cut and install;High temperature resistant performance also make rock wool board more suitable for indoor use. At the time of the fire, Rock wool Wall Insulation is generally extremely effective to block the flame and prevent it from spreading.

Insulation Roll 

Batt Insulation

Application of various products of rock wool Batt Insulation:

1. Rock wool board: nuclear power plant, power plant, chemical plant, large kiln thermal insulation, building external wall thermal insulation, roof and curtain wall thermal insulation, fire barrier, ship cabin, ship bathroom, ship restroom, ship power cabin, the factory planting of vegetables, fruits and flowers, soilless culture etc.

2. Rock wool pipe: suitable for insulation of medium and small diameter pipe. The shell has a seam on one side, which is convenient for construction.The outer shell can be affixed with aluminum foil according to customer requirements

3. Rock wool felt: used for large tank pipe and industrial equipment insulation.

4. Rock wool strips: insulation for building exterior wall, fire barrier of roof and curtain wall and sip panels.


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