What is the function of Floor Protection Film?

Floor Protection

A. Introduction of Floor Protection Film

Surface protective film for decoration is compressed by artificial fiber felt and PVC.PVC prevents liquid and dust from interrupting the finished part of decoration. The artificial fiber felt is used to protect the floor and tiles from some scratching points and impacts from some heavy things. We can also print the company Logo on the protection film to establish a good brand image of the company.

Floor Protection


Tile Protection

B.Classification of Tile Protection film

1. PVC+ foam filling cotton is a kind of wall protective film.The resilience of knitted cotton is good, which can play a very good buffer effect on the impact of various kinds of things to the wall.

2. OPP+pp woven fabric : a new type of decoration protective film material, pp woven fabric and OPP are pressed together and printed Company Logo or Ads. The printed picture is particularly clear and bright on this kind of material.

3. PVC+ Floor Felt Mattress,the ground protective film can improve the buffering performance of the product.The Floor Felt Mattress can be very good at anti-slipping.PVC surface is waterproof, dust proof, oil-proof and can protect the newly decorated part from any damage during construction.

Tile Protection 

C. Why do we use the Door Protection film for decoration?What does it do?

I. Protection during electric circuit or water pipe transformation

1. The downpipe should be sealed.

2. Try to wrap the exposed wires.

3. When the circuit is modified, make slot where possible.

4. The place that cannot be slotted must be protected and fixed.


Window Protection

The installation of glass is before other decoration work.However, in the process of other decoration work, it is hard to avoid all the damage to the already decorated part.Sometimes, something will encounter the glass and make the glass crack. If it is a high-rise building glass, it will take hard work to change. So it is very important to protect the glass during protection.

 Window Protection

Floor and Tile Protection

Floors and tiles are not as fragile as glass, but they also need good protection.The floor board and ceramic tile are not in a low price. If there are some damage during decoration, the owner will surely feel uncomfortable. The tile seam is also easy to collect dust and cement, which is very difficult to clean up. So it is better to protect these places before decoration. Especially for some high grade decoration company, it is good to pay more attention to these detail things. For a good work will attract more customers.


Door Protection

All kinds of decoration materials and construction garbage will go through the door. These items are easy to hit the door during carrying. So, the first thing to do before decoration is door protection.Proposal: before decorating start to the arrival of all furniture, the door need to protected properly.

 Floor Protection

Surface Protective film

Publicity of Company Image

The company logo and ads can be printed on the surface of protective film. Company can choose to print their logo on the surface protective film or not. The printed side can face outside the window or decorate the corridor. This manner will surely win the favor of property management office.

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