What is The Difference Between Vertical and Horizontal Fiber Rock Wool Board

rock wool

Rock wool, as a new type of fire resistance insulation material, has been widely used in recent years. Its main raw materials are high-quality basalt, dolomite, melt in high temperature above 1450 , and then through the advanced four axis high-speed centrifuge and finally made into fiber. At the same time,a certain amount of binder, dust laying oil, moisture repellent are added and then collected by the cotton collection machine with pendulum method technology and three dimensional cotton-spreading method.After curing and cutting, the product is finally formed in different specifications with different usages.

rock wool

rockwool insulation

The rockwool insulation are divided into two kinds -----horizontal fiber and vertical fiber according to the different production methods by manufacturers.Ultimately, the physical distribution of the fibers is the fundamental difference between the two materials.

batt insulation

The main difference between horizontal and vertical fiber batt insulation is about production process.Horizontal fiber batt insulation is produced by sedimentation. The product produced by this method has horizontal distribution with lower uniformity on density because of the using of binder. That affected the compressive strength and interlayer bonding strength of batt insulation  to some extent.

rockwool insulation

mineral wool

The vertical fiber mineral wool is the rock wool product produced by pendulum method or three dimensional technology.The compressive strength and interlaminar bonding strength of the vertical fiber mineral wool have been greatly improved.Overall performance is also much better than Horizontal fiber mineral wool.

mineral wool insulation

The main performances of horizontal and vertical fiber mineral wool insulation are in tensile and compressive strength, thermal conductivity and so on.The tensile strength of the vertical fiber mineral wool insulation is 1-2 times higher than that of the horizontal fiber; the compressive strength of the two is similar, but the thermal conductivity of the vertical fiber mineral wool insulation is slightly lower than the horizontal fiber.In addition, the vertical fiber mineral wool insulation has overcome low tensile strength shortcoming of the horizontal fiber. The vertical fiber mineral wool insulation can meet the use of the external wall insulation system perfectly.

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