What is MGO BOARD?


MGO BOARD is also called magnesium oxide board, made by the factory, is a kind of non-thermal insulation wall board. MGO BOARD is suitable for a variety of applications, including wall board,  ceiling linings, fascias,soffits, tile backing and underlayment. MGO BOARD is made of magnesium oxide, a mineral cement.MGO BOARD is called magnesium oxide BOARD because its chemical composition is magnesium oxide.As a kind of wall board, magnesium oxide not only has the function of partition, but also has good fire resistance performance.


MGO BOARD can be used in many forms. For architecture, MGO BOARD has various thicknesses and sizes.There are many types including smooth, rough and utility grades.Colors are white, beige or light gray;When you rap one board with another, you can hear a very hardsound, a little bit like the cement board in Portland.In Asia, there are many factories that makes MGO BOARD.There are some big ones, but most of them are small local ones that supply local markets.There are not many buildings in North America that uses MGO BOARD, but there will undoubtedly be many in the future.


What is Magnesium Oxide Board made of?

Magnesium Oxide Board

Ordinary magnesium is a silver metal (an element in the chemical periodic table) that is solid at room temperature (unlike mercury, which is liquid at room temperature).Magnesium is somewhat like aluminum but lighter. So in the 60s and 70s, the so-called magnesium wheels that were used in racing cars were actually made of aluminum, but they also had a certain amount of magnesium in them.Like aluminum, magnesium usually comes in the form of an alloy, especially for applications requiring light weight, such as airplanes and racing cars.


Pure magnesium, unstable,burn, can be used to make fireworks.

Magnesium oxide, on the other hand, happens to be a different kind of thing, and it doesn't burn at all, and it's used in fire boards or stove boards.

Oxygen, when combined with magnesium with certain temperature and pressure, can be made into a stone-like material, magnesium oxide.Magnesium oxide is found in large quantities in nature and in the form of mineral deposits.Magnesium oxide is ground up into a powder and then combined with water to make a cement-like material.About 70% of magnesium oxide is in Asia.The rest is stored elsewhere in the world, but not all the mass of magnesium oxide can be made into magnesium oxide board.There is enough magnesia in existence to last almost a hundred years.There are other magnesium-based materials in magnesium oxide board, but magnesium oxide is the main one.


What Other Materials Are There in The MAGNESIA BOARD?

Magnesia Board

In addition to the main ingredient, magnesium oxide, other ingredients include wood flour and many other additives, mainly to enhance the strength of the board.Most magnesia board contain fibrous reinforcement components, usually glass mesh cloth, fiber and fine screed.Magnesium oxide board also has many other ingredients to enhance flexibility and weather resistance.In other words, there are many types of magnesia board, but most of the ingredients are similar.


Magnesia board are produced in pieces and then cut into a specific length, and they are usually poured into a casting tray. The initial set occurs in horizontal direction, but the final cure occurs vertically and with spacers between sheets.Magnesia board are dried in a liquid form in a mold, like Portland cement.And then we dry it at room temperature. Magnesia board do not contain asbestos, but contain different types of fibre reinforced components.This reinforcing element is different from the reinforcing mesh on the surface but is the internal reinforcing ingredient.Magnesia board is made all over the world, especially near magnesia mines.The main source of magnesia is not the United States and Canada, but in China and the Middle East.

 Magnesium Oxide Board

History of Magnesia Fireproof Board

Fireproof Board

The use of Magnesia fireproof board can trace back for centuries, even to the time of the pyramids.Originally used as cement for building walls.Nowadays,magnesium oxide is used as concrete in many countries.In North America, Poland cement board is often used.

Magnesium oxide in recent decades has been used as a wall panel. And magnesium oxide panels are often used in large quantities in Asia and the Middle East even in some world-class projects, especially for indoor partitions and firewalls.This new type of wall board has a long successful track record.


Magnesia Fireproof Board comes in many forms.The thinnest board is about a quarter of an inch thick, and the thickest can be as much as an inch.The board is about the same size as regular gypsum board.

Magnesia Fireproof Board has a variety of surfaces, some are very smooth, suitable for painting;Others are rough and suitable for non-artistic applications.For example, the wall or tile back, or someone with thick moisture resistance coating suitable for sheath board application.


MGO Panel

MGO Panel is an environmentally friendly product.Carbon dioxide is one of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming.The MGO Panel has an ecoproduction process with low carbon dioxide production.From this point of view, MGO Panel will have a very bright future.

Application of MGO Panel:

The application of MGO Panel is similar to that of gypsum board and Portland cement board, but the fasteners, joints and the processing of the installation are a little bit different but similar.This also makes mgo panel an easy to install product.The application of mgo panel is very many forms, including:

A firewall


Wallboard (to be covered with a moisture-proof primer and with anti-corrosion fasteners)

The floor backer

And so on.

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