What do you need to know before choosing roof insulation?

Roof Insulation

1. What material should be chosen for the roof membrane?Breathable or non breathable?

New buildings usually use a breathable roof membrane on their roofs, while a non breathable roof membrane is usually used on older buildings prior to 2002.The old building needs to be ventilated to get the moisture out.If the moisture stays indoors for a long time and condenses on cold surfaces,condensation water will make the walls grow mildew and rot, which seriously affect the health of indoor residents.

roof insulation


Attic Insulation

2. Do you need storage space in your attic?

3. What is the depth of the roof joist?Is it 125mm, 150mm,175mm,225mm or other?

The deeper the floor joist is, the thicker the insulation material should be.Glass wool and rock wool are all good choices for attic insulation.Because their air permeability, heat preservation and sound insulation are all very good, so theyre very suitable for the application of roof.

4. What is the width of the roof joist?Is it 400mm,600mm, or some other width?

The width of the joists is one of the factors that determines thermal bridge phenomenon.

5. Have you installed a film to prevent air leakage under the joist?Either the vapor barrier or the waterproof breathable membrane can be a good choice for you.Different areas use different membrane.If internal heating system is often used, then vapor barrier should be used. If the local climate is humid, then waterproof breathable membrane should be used.

6. According to the code of the region, what is the R value of your roof?



How to read the instruction of the insulation?

1. Judge the depth of roof floor joists.

2. Judge the thickness of insulation layer used for roof floor joists

3. Judge the thickness of the upper insulation layer above roof floor joists

4. Judge the total insulation value required.


Mineral Wool

What we need to know about Mineral Wool insulation:

Consider the following factors before choosing insulation and related building materials

1. Insulation R value

2. Sound insulation value

3. Fire resistance (A1 non-combustible)

4. Permeability of the insulating ((vapour open/vapour closed))

5. Flexibility of Mineral Wool insulation

6. Shrinkage of the Mineral Wool insulation

7. Movement of construction layer

8. Environmental protection performance of the Mineral Wool insulation

9. Air tightness reduces heat loss

attic insulation


Glass wool

Precautions before starting Glass wool installation

Before you begin installing or retrieving your roof, make sure you understand the following safety instructions.

1. Installed lighting (preferably fluorescent trouble light, because the incandescent lamp without cover will ignite part of the Glass wool installation)

2. Place panels above roof floor joists as the ceiling cannot support the weight of a person.

3. Wear a dust mask

4. Wear thick and loose clothes with long sleeves.Cuffs and trouser legs must be sealed.Minimize skin contact with Glass wool installation.

5. A hard hat can protect your hair from the invasion of the Glass wool installation particles, and also can prevent head injuries.

6. Identify the location of all wires and avoid any contact with them.If there seems to be anything unsafe (cracked cover, exposed wire, etc., be sure to fix it in advance)


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