What are Green Building Materials

Green building materials refer to the products produced by clean production technology with little or no use of natural resources and energy. They are mostly produced by industrial, agricultural or municipal solid wastes but are non-toxic, pollution-free and non-radioactive. They can also be recycled and are conducive to environmental protection and human health.The definition of green building materials centers on the four links: the raw material use, product manufacturing and use,and waste disposal as the last.People want to achieve the two goals  with minimum earth's environmental load and conducive to human health in order to achieve the 4 objectives of "health, environmental protection, safety and good quality ".

(1) The meaning

A. High-performance traditional building materials produced at the relatively low cost of resource ,energy and environmental pollution, such as high-quality cement produced by modern advanced technologies and skills.

B. Building materials that can significantly reduce building energy consumption (including energy consumption in the process of production and use), such as new wall materials which are light weight, high strength, waterproof, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation etc.

C. With higher service efficiency and excellent material properties, which can reduce the consumption of materials, such as high-performance cement concrete and lightweight high-strength concrete.

D.Building materials with functions of improving the ecological environment of the house and health care, such as the multi-functional glass, ceramics and coatings with the performance of anti-bacterial, deodorant, temperature and humidity regulation and shielding harmful rays.

E.Construction materials that can make great use of industrial wastes, such as purifying sewage, cement used to solidify toxic and harmful industrial wastes, or other cement components materials that are resource and high performance recovered such as the slag, fly ash, silica fume, zeolite.

(2) Basic Elements of Green Building Materials:

A. The raw materials used in production are waste materials. The proportion of disposable resources in the raw materials is minimal. In the process of raw materials collection, no damage will be caused to the environment or ecology;

B. The waste water, residue and gas generated in the production process meet the requirements of environmental protection, and the energy consumption in the production process is as low as possible (the production of high-energy consuming materials does not meet the requirements of green building);

C. Complete functions in use (such as thermal insulation, sound insulation, service life, etc.). It is healthy, safe, with no harmful gas or radioactivity, etc.;

D.After the end of its service life, that is, when it becomes the waste, it does not cause secondary pollution, and become reusable materials.

New building materials

It is a new generation of building materials produced on the basis of traditional ones, including new wall materials, heat insulation materials, waterproof sealing materials and decorative materials.

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