Things to Know Before Installing a House Wrap

House Wrap

The Loft Hatches

The location and type of the Loft Hatches needs careful consideration.Loft Hatches with good air sealing and thermal insulation performance are more commonly used.The location of the Loft Hatches should not near places with high humidity, such as the bathroom ceiling.


During the rainy season, bulk water will be stored inside the brick wall cavity.During the drying time, water vapor will still evaporate from inside the wall to the interior house.Therefore, the exterior of the wall must be sealed with a house wrap to prevent external water from entering the roof space.

Waterproof Membrane

Internal lighting

Open lighting, such as the ones in the bathroom ceiling, allows a lot of moisture to enter the roof space.Therefore, in general, the use of sealed recessed lighting is more recommended.


Thermal bridge

The insulation of walls and ceilings is a complex process.There is a gap of about 8cm between the wall and the ceiling.If the place is not sealed properly, cold air will enter from this point and a cold or hot bridge will form.Cold or hot Bridges can cause serious condensation and mold problems.We often see mold in the corners of the ceiling or in the interior of the bedroom,which is caused by the hot bridge.Installation of insulation will to prevent the generation of hot bridge phenomenon.

House Wrap


Breathable Membrane

Eaves Guard

As the water vapor passes through the Breathable Membrane, it condenses into droplets under the roof tiles.The water drops fall back onto the waterproof breathable membrane and then slide down the Eaves Guard.If there is no Eaves Guard, the waterproof breathable membrane will collapse at the interface between the Eaves Guard and the wall, where water will be accumulated and then leak along the sheath wall, resulting in seepage.Although the waterproof breathable membrane has some UV resistance, the less time it spends in the sun, the better.The waterproof breathable membrane should not fold or collapse at the gutter.The edge of the waterproof breathable membrane should be stuck to the Eaves Guard properly.


Air Barrier

The water tank

Cold water tank must have a sealed lid.The roof can be very hot in the summer, and if the tank is not sealed, a lot of water vapor will be evaporated and distributed into the room, creating a lot of moisture.


Other Precautions:

1. Before installing Air Barrier, the ventilation system should be installed first.

2. The top of the brick wall cavity has been sealed

3. The insulation layer has been installed to avoid thermal bridge.

4. The eaves guard has been installed.

Building Wrap

5. Always step on the wooden strip fixed to the rafter.Any extra force should not be applied to the Building Wrap.If wooden batten are installed on the outside of the Building Wrap, there will be leakage around the nails.However, we have a good solution to this problem, which is to install double-sided butyl tape under the wooden batten in advance, so that the nails and building wrap can be sealed well.

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