The role of house wrap in roof

1. The product is soft, light, easy to construction, not easy to leave a dead angle.Tear resistance, wear resistance, low temperature flexibility.

2. House wrap has excellent waterproof function, useful wind and rain barrier performance on the indoor invasion.

3. House wrap has excellent anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging characteristics. Summer outdoor exposure for three months,it can still adhere to the excellent product function as durable products.

4. Energy-saving insulation through effectively resistance to the invasion of hot and cold air, play the role of energy-saving insulation.Combined with other insulation materials, it can prevent water vapor from entering the insulation layer and protect the insulation layer completely. Together with the condensation phenomenon caused by the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the chamber, it can also achieve excellent air permeability through the house wrap, and then ensure the effectiveness of the insulation layer and reach the role of continuous energy saving.

5. The house wrap has excellent breathable function, enabling the rapid discharge of water vapor, reducing the indoor humidity, effectively avoiding the composition of mold and condensation, and then greatly improving the comfort of the living environment, and adding the durability of the building.

house wrap

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