The Performance of Glass Wool Pipe

Glass wool pipe is made from superfine glass wool insulation added with resin binder by heat curing into tubular insulation material. The aluminum foil type glass wool possesses the characteristics of moistureproof and radiat barriering, beautiful appearance and other characteristics.Centrifugal glass wool pipe is dedicated to all kinds of insulation for pipeline system, which can be used in 4 - 454 ambient temperature.For the pipe sleeve of this material has the characteristics of waterproof, anticorrosive, mould-free and insect-free, it can effectively prevent condensation and prevent pipeline freezing, and is widely used in the heat preservation of civil buildings, heating pipes, air conditioners and refrigeration equipments.The adiabatic and energy saving effect can increase 15-30%.

Fiberglass Insulation Product features:

1. Wool insulation high insulation efficiency: the high-temperature glass wool fiber is even and slender, and the fiber is vertically arranged with the heat transfer direction, so that it can effectively prevent the heat transfer and reduce the heat loss.

2. Glass fibre insulation strong earthquake resistance, high durability: uniform and slender fiber interweave closely with each other to avoid the problems caused by the shake which will make the fiber out of joint and elongated and lead to the occurrence of cavity.The heat loss will increase with the shaking phenomenon.

3. Light material, easy to install: light weight high temperature glass wool is very easy to install. It can be cut into any size according to the requirements using a common paper cutter.

4. Chemical properties: the PH value of high-temperature glass wool is between 7-8, and the soluble chloride ion content is very small, which has no corrosive effect on equipment and pipelines.

5. Strong hydrophobicity: high temperature glass wool is composed of slender glass fiber, which does not contain slag ball. Compared with other types of insulation materials, it will not be soaked in water or rain and broken.After drying its insulation performance is unchanged.    

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