The Performance and Advantages of Waterproofing Membrane

As the building energy conservation and environmental protection requirements are getting higher and higher, a large number of thermal insulation products are produced. PANZHU WRAP Waterproofing Membrane is one of them.PANZHU WRAP Waterproofing Membrane is used to protect the external insulation layer of the building.First of all, the waterproofing membrane is waterproof, which can prevent external water from entering into the insulation structure of the building, protect the insulation structure from mold, degumming and falling, thus protecting the safety of users.Second, it is breathable.The unique microporous structure of the waterproof breathable membrane makes it breathable.Building insulation structure will inevitably get troubled with the water in the using process , even if it is sealed perfectly, it can also appear condensation phenomenon in the insulation structure which will form water in the insulation structure.If not dealt with in time, it will affect the normal use of building thermal insulation layer. So the waterproof breathable membrane protects the construction external thermal insulation layer well.

The principle of PANZHU WRAP Waterproofing Membrane: Waterproof breathable working principle can be divided into two kinds-- microporous and hydrophilic groups, PANZHU WRAP Waterproofing Membrane is using the former. Due to the huge difference of diameter--- the minimum diameter of the water droplets 20 microns and the water vapor only about 0.0004 microns , water vapor can go through the microporous membrane easily.While because of the effect of surface tension, liquid water cannot pass the microporous membrane.Thus prevent the infiltration of water and make the breathable membrane waterproof.

Advantages of PANZHU WRAP Waterproofing Membrane:

1. Environmental protection -- based on the protection of the above waterproofing membrane on the insulation layer, the service life of the insulation layer is greatly increased and the insulation resources are saved.

2.Energy saving -- --  The American National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) published a report in 2005 titled "the influence of Commercial Building Palisade Structure Tightness upon HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning)  energy utilization survey. The report showed that compared with buildings without waterproof breathable membrane, the energy cost saving rate of heating and cooling of the building using waterproof breathable membrane can reach about 40% at most.

3.Healthy ---- PANZHU WRAP Waterproofing Membrane can let the house breathe freely, eliminate the moldy and rotten phenomenon inside the room, so that the user of the house has a free breathing space.

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