The House Wrap You May Not Know

The House Wrap You May Not Know

What is House Wrap?

House Wrap is a kind of high-tech product. House Wrap is composed of three layers: outer protective layer, middle breathable layer and inner protective layer.The breathable function is mainly realized by the breathable layer in the middle.The inner and outer protective layer mainly plays the role of increasing hydrostatic pressure and enhancing the tensile strength of the membrane.The breathable layer is a kind of microporous membrane, which is produced by high-tech principle.The micro pore allows water vapor to pass through, but not water molecules, so the product is waterproof and breathable.

 House Wrap

Breathable Membrane Performances:

1. Air permeability: PANZHU Breathable Membrane adopts the breathable layer imported from the United States. The breathable performance of the product is stable.The product has passed the national test standard (with test report), and the air permeability of the product is equivalent to 63 us perm, which can provide a good breathing performance for the insulation layer and prevent the phenomenon of mildew and rot inside the insulation.

2. Waterproofing: the hydrostatic pressure of PANZHU Breathable Membrane can reach 2 meters of water column for 1 hour (the current domestic standard). We are also eager to try different testing standards of different countries.Ordinary water drops on it, creating the effect of lotus leaves.The product does not absorb moisture.

 Breathable Membrane

Waterproof Membrane

3. Durability: the latest product of PANZHU Waterproof Membrane, 0.3mm Waterproof Membrane (without aluminized) can reach the maximum tensile strength of 232N/50mm, which can meet the international average standard for use.

4.  Thermal Insulation: Under the supervision of the National Construction Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, an external thermal insulation system of the Waterproof Membrane with hanging net plaster was tested. The test results show that the Waterproof Membrane with three centimeters of air layer produces the thermal conductivity up to 0.307, equivalent to twice the thermal conductivity of clean air layer or 43% of EPS insulation board according to the "Civil Building Design Code GB50176" The insulation effect is significant.

5.Energy saving: the installation of Waterproof Membrane can form continuous insulation layer outside the building, effectively reduces the thermal bridge effect inside the building, preventing external air from entering the room, and reducing the leakage of hot and cool air inside the room, reducing energy and cost of heating and cooling.

 Waterproof Membrane

Waterproofing Membrane Application :

The application of Waterproofing Membrane can be said to be very extensive.Waterproofing Membrane is like a protective layer of insulation, no matter where the insulation is used, you can add a layer of Waterproofing Membrane to protect it.Today, we list some of the common applications:

1. Timer Frame structure: Timer Frame structure is an environmental friendly type of house.They do not produce any construction waste and do not cause any pollution to the environment.Also, wood is a warm material, and living in the interior of a wood house gives a comfortable and fresh feeling.Therefore, the Timer Frame structure is one of the future completely green architectural forms studied by architects from various countries.Therefore, the construction of wooden houses is very elaborate.The waterproof procedures are also very complex.Including waterproof  insulation, waterproof roof, house drainage system and so on.It is worth mentioning that the materials used in the Timer Frame structure can almost be recycled without damage, which is environmental friendly.

2. Steel structure houses: steel structure houses are mainly used in large public buildings such as factories, stadiums and opera houses.In recent years, it also appeared the steel structure villa, which suits the countryside friend to use very much.The appearance of steel structure building can be designed according to the requirements of customers, the overall installation of the house is simple, the insulation of the house mainly depends on the external wall board, rock wool or glass wool insulation layer, and the internal wall board and so on.How to add insulation layer can be selected according to different R value of each layer and the local code requirements.


Breathing Membrane

3. Curtain wall structure: at present, the most common building in China is reinforced concrete structure, so does this structure need Breathing Membrane?The answer is yes.As mentioned in the insulation characteristics of Breathing Membrane, "Breathing Membrane with three centimeters of air layer produces the thermal conductivity up to 0.307, equivalent to twice the thermal conductivity of clean air layer or 43% of EPS insulation board according to the "Civil Building Design Code GB50176" The insulation effect is significant."Maybe such heat preservation effect will make you curious about Breathing Membrane.

So much for today, let's wrap it up:

1. Breathing Membrane is a kind of microporous membrane, whose pores allow water vapor to pass through and block water molecules.

2. Breathing Membrane is waterproof, breathable, durable, heat preservation and energy saving.

3. Breathing Membrane is mainly applied to the exterior of insulation of timer frame structure, steel structure and curtain wall structure. With three centimeters of air layer, its thermal resistance value can reach 0.307, which is two times of that of general air layer with the same thickness, and 43% of EPS insulation board.







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