The development of thermal insulation is very fast

Under the global trend of energy conservation, the standard of building energy conservation is also increasing.According to the prediction of exports, the world’s building energy conservation insulation project will increase significantly within 10-20 years.The insulation material market will also have a very good development prospect.Under this development trend, it undoubtedly creates a lot of opportunities for the development of new insulation materials.The global public, focusing on the research of new environmental protection building materials, broke the tradition and launched a new, efficient environmental protection insulation material, thus leading the industry and staying at the forefront of industry development.

With the development of society, the requirements for thermal insulation building materials are getting higher and higher, which not only requires them to have good energy saving, environmental protection, thermal insulation effect, but also have good fire resistance performance in order to enhance the safety standard of buildings.The new kind of insulation material created by global public fully meet this standard, with good energy saving, environmental protection, thermal insulation, fire prevention characteristics, and widely favored by the construction industry.

Rock wool insulation

Rock wool insulationis the best in terms of thermal and sound insulation.

High quality rock wool board should have the following characteristics:

1. Low thermal conductivity.Thermal conductivity is an important indicator to measure the performance of rock wool board, the smaller the thermal conductivity, the less energy transferred through the material, so the thermal insulation of the rock wool board is better.(note: this is also applicable to vertical fiber rock wool board or rock wool board core material, and waterproof rock wool board, etc.)

rock wool board

2. Rock wool soundproofing High sound absorption coefficient: the sound absorption effect of the insulation rock wool board mainly depends on the density of the board, the greater the density is, the better the sound absorption effect will be.

3. Stone wool Low moisture absorption: the insulation effect of most materials will significantly reduce, because water has a high thermal conductivity.Therefore, customers are advised to choose waterproof rock wool board.

4. Stone wool insulation A good insulation rock wool board must be able to have a high strength to support the self weight.

PANZHU rock wool board, made of high quality basalt, can be made according to different requirements of customers, with different density and different sizes.The high acidity coefficient of PANZHU rock wool makes the rock wool board have better toughness and longer service life, which gives you and your family a happier and healthier living environment.

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