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  • The Development of Building Energy Efficiency 畔竹® PANZHU WRAP House Wrap Acts as a Pioneer of the Industry

The Development of Building Energy Efficiency 畔竹® PANZHU WRAP House Wrap Acts as a Pioneer of the Industry

On April 22, the "World Earth Day", more than 170 state leaders gathered in the UN headquarters in New York. Vice premier of the state council Zhang Gaoli as a special envoy of chairman Xi , on behalf of China signed the Paris Agreementon climate change which is committed to the global temperature rise control within the range of 2 .In such a backdrop, China as the largest developing country also shoulder the burden. The national strategy of "13th Five-year Strategic Plan" also puts forward clear requirements for building energy conservation from the top design.Then multiple local provinces and cities have also introduced corresponding administration measures of the promoting of building energy efficiency. From the Kyoto Protocolto the Copenhagen Agreementand the Paris Agreementthis year, energy conservation and emissions reduction, in the big picture, is imperative.

On April 22, the 20th world passive house conference was held in Darmstadt, Germany. China was invited to participate in the conference.The conference discussed the development of the world's energy conservation and carbon reduction.The world passive house conference is the world's most influential passive building industry event, aiming at promoting the development of passive houses in the world and promote the global building energy conservation.Data shows that the energy consumption from construction to use accounts for one third of the total energy consumption in the whole society, which is one of the industries with the highest energy consumption.On the whole, the construction industry has not changed the extensive mode of production, which leads to serious waste and fails to meet the requirements of large-scale industrialization. and the building materials are generally deficient in energy conservation and environmental protection.The problem of high energy consumption in the construction field needs to be better solved, and the green concept should be more deeply penetrated into the development of the construction industry.The 2016 government work report calls for the active promotion of green buildings and building materials.Green building refers to the building that maximizes energy saving, land saving, water saving and material saving, protects the environment and reduces pollution, and provides healthy, applicable and efficient use space and harmonious coexistence with nature in the whole life cycle.

Fanfei (Beijing) Energy Saving Technology Co., ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of construction membrane system. Companys main products- 畔竹® PANZHU WRAP series house wrap product with excellent air tightness,waterproof and breathable performance, covering the building insulation layer, can effectively improve building envelope structure of energy efficiency and block the wind and rain invasion on the building , effectively reduce heat loss.It is the ideal protective layer of the building.      

Fanfei company is committed to providing outstanding contributions to building energy conservation and environment protection. Committed to providing customers with a complete product system and accessories, we can provide customers with high-quality design solutions according to different climates and different building structures.

畔竹® PANZHU WRAP House WrapExcellent Performance of House Wrap  

 畔竹® PANZHU WRAP House Wrap Air tightness:Excellent air tightness can reduce the heat loss caused by convection and improve the building energy efficiency.

 畔竹® PANZHU WRAP House Wrap Water tightness: Excellent waterproofing and tight covering to protect buildings from erosion of water vapor and rain water.

畔竹® PANZHU WRAP House WrapBreathability : To help the effective discharge of water vapor in the building  envelope system, solve the problem of moisture condensation to be moisture-proof and protect the insulation layer.

畔竹® PANZHU WRAP House Wrap Durability: The excellent durability ensures stable thermal insulation effect of the building, so that the building can save energy more persistently.

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