The correct installation and maintenance method of PANZH high density foam rubber

The installation and using method of the rubber foam materials need to be detailed.All cutting gap and joints need special glue for sealing. Correct installation can make it more convenient to use and prolong its service life. Here the editor will introduce the installation and using techniques of PANZHU closed cell foam rubber.

(1)The installation technical rules of PANZHU rubber forming

The installation of PANZHU closed cell sponge rubber should conform to the following points:

1. All cutting gaps and joints shall be sealed with PANZHU special glue.

2. All tee joints, elbows, valves, flanges and other accessories shall reach the designed thickness after installation.

3. Don't use too much force when gluing. The contacting place between all materials should be cemented under slight pressure.

4. The installation order should be like this:first the big pipe then the small pipe; first the elbow and tee joints, then the valve and finally the flange.

5. When installing the frozen water pipes and refrigeration equipment, the two ends of the rubber foam pipe and the gaps between the rubber foam pipes and the iron pipes shall be coated with glue. The bonding width shall not be equal to the thickness of rubber foam materials.

6. The cutting gap of the pipe should be installed inconspicuously as far as possible, and the cutting gaps of two pipes should be staggered.

7. Do not install the machine when using.Do not start the machine within 36 hours after installation.

8. The rubber foam pipe with large diameter has become oval due to the packaging. Please cut the flat line when you want to cut it.

(2) Correct use of glue

1. Shake the container before using to make the glue uniform. In the actual installation, use the small pot of glue to prevent it from volatilizing too fast. If necessary, we can divide a large pot into small pots for use. Seal the jar mouth when not using.

2.Use a short stiff brush.

3.Apply a thin, even layer of PANZHU special glue to the adhesive surface at both ends of the material

4.The natural drying time of PANZHU special glue is 3 -- 10 minutes, and the length of time depends on the level of glue, atmospheric temperature and humidity. If the exposure time is beyond 20 minutes the glue is invalid.

5. Let the glue dry naturally before using. The correct testing method is the "Finger Touch Method". Touch the glue surface with your fingers. If the finger do not stick to the surface, and the surface of the material is not sticky, it can be glued.

6. When bonding, just align the two surfaces of the bonding interface and hold them tightly for a while.

7. If the setting time is too long, and the two joint surfaces are not sticky when pressed together, then please repeat steps 2-6.

8. Commonly, each kilogram of PANZHU foam rubber special glue can be applied to two square meters of adhesive surface.

9.Usually, the special glue cannot be used under 5 .When the working temperature is between 5 to 10 , please place the glue in the indoor place where the temperature is up to 20 , and take it out when using.

10. When two materials are joined under pressure, you do not need to wait until the glue is dry. You can use wet bonding method.First, place the material on the installation place, apply glue to the joint of the material, position the two materials correctly, and soon it will be firmly glued to the position you designed.

11. Check whether the anti-rust paint of the iron pipe and the glue is firmly bonded.

Drying time: refers to the time between glue application and material bonding.

  1. (3)Factors to determine the PANZHU Foam rubber material thickness

1. The higher the ambient temperature is, the thicker the material is;

2. The higher the relative humidity is, the thicker the material is;

3. The lower the medium temperature is, the thicker the material is;

4. The larger the pipe diameter is, the thicker the material is.

The introduction about the installation and use of PANZHU Foam rubber insulation material is so much for everyone here, more information about PANZHU foam rubber insulation material , please pay attention to

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