The best configuration of sound insulation rock wool

Rock wool is a kind of sound-absorbing material with a long history and a wide range of uses. It is made into a kind of 畔竹® PANZHU WRAP rockwool acoustic insulation roll used for light wall construction. The exterior wall waterproof rock wool board manufacturers specializing in the production of sound insulation,thermal insulation, fire prevention rock wool etc has a wholly-owned rock wool factory with an annual output of more than 10 thousand tons. The products are of high quality and exported to Russia, Romania, Kazakhstan, India, Sri Lanka and other countries.

Rock wool board is mainly divided into: thermal insulation rock wool board, fireproof rock wool board and hydrophobic rock wool board.The main feature of fireproof rock wool board is fire prevention. Its non-burning feature effectively prevents the spread of the fire, which effectively protects the safety of life and property.The main feature of hydrophobic rock wool board is that it effectively prevents water from entering, and its non-absorbent performance effectively keeps the house moisture-proof.Thermal insulation rock wool board is characterized by thermal insulation. It prevents the hot air from contacting the room temperature air and effectively prevents heat conduction,in order to keep the warm things from becoming cold.

Acoustic rock wool board

The high density rock wool board for partition wall is referred to as "soundproof rock wool" for short.

PANZHU glazing wall sound and fireproof insulation a class A fire prevention rock wool board price

This is because it is usually used for the sound insulation of light walls.The typical structure of this lightweight wall is:

Gypsum board (1 layer or multi-layer)+ channel steel + rock wool board + gypsum board (1 layer or multi-layer) rock wool board here plays the role of sound absorption, which absorbs part of the sound wave going through the gypsum board and reduces the sound wave reflection in the gypsum board,channel steel and the cavity between them. Thus improve the wall soundproof effect.It has been proved that after filling rock wool board with a bulk density of 60-180kg/m3, the sound insulation effect of light wall is 8 ~ 15 db higher than that of walls with gypsum board only.

畔竹® PANZHU WRAP rockwool attic insulation is a new product specially developed for the light wall sound insulation, which has been fully acoustically optimized design:

Bulk density -- the density of 畔竹® PANZHU WRAP partition rock wool board is set to be 100-200kg/m3, which is a good density for sound insulation of the wall, ensuring not only good sound insulation effect, but also the strength of the wall and the material itself. If the bulk density of rock wool is less than 60kg /m3, it will be with poor sound insulation effect and very soft hand feeling, which is easy to lose its sound insulation function completely due to droop;

Slag ball - 畔竹® PANZHU WRAP partition rock wool board has not only a pursuit of slag ball content, but also the size of slag ball and the uniform distribution of slag ball in 畔竹® PANZHU WRAP rock wool board.When the acoustic wave meets the slag ball, the energy will be reduced by reflection and scattering, so that the sound insulation effect of rock wool board can be improved.

畔竹® PANZHU WRAP Class A fire insulation board, exterior wall rock wool board specifications

Glue quantity -- 畔竹® PANZHU WRAP stone wool sound insulation of partition wall adopts manual way to add cotton, which ensures the evenness and strength of cotton layer and is made by high temperature pressing without adding too much adhesive, thus well maintaining the fire resistance of rock wool.

Size -- 畔竹® PANZHU WRAP rock insulation soundproofing for convenient construction, is designed according to the standard distance of the channel steel width which is 800mm, 600mm, 400mm and other specifications, so that in the construction, the rock wool board is not necessary to be cut, thus reducing the rock wool debris anaphylactic to the construction person.

After optimization design on畔竹® PANZHU WRAP wall rock wool board, the soundproof performance of the light wall can increase by up to 10 decibels or more.

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