The application of house wrap in green building

With the development of economy and the improvement of per capita living standard, people's demand for buildings is getting higher and higher, which imposes a heavier burden on our environment. This is the environment in which green buildings appear in China.

Green building refers to the building that saves resources to the greatest extent in the whole life cycle of the building, including energy saving, land saving, water saving and material saving, in order to protect the environment and reduces pollution. Green building provides healthy, comfortable and efficient living space for people, which is in harmony with nature.

The most common green energy saving building in China is the wooden house structure and the prefabricated building.Both buildings have the feature of low energy consumption and easy installation.And these two kinds of buildings are inseparable from the application of 畔竹® PANZHU WRAP house roof wrap.

House wrap is a kind of thin fiber structure which can be waterproof and also breathable.It is an excellent material for protecting building insulation.Every building needs insulation, but insulation has a porous performance that makes it easy to absorb water.Therefore, the insulation layer is in particular need of 畔竹® PANZHU WRAP house roof wrap.

The working principle of domestic house wrap can be divided into two kinds-- microporous and hydrophilic groups, 畔竹® PANZHU WRAP house roof wrap is using the former. Due to the huge difference of diameter--- the minimum diameter of the water droplets 20 microns and the water vapor only about 0.0004 microns , water vapor can go through the microporous membrane easily.While because of the effect of surface tension, liquid water cannot pass the microporous membrane.Thus prevent the infiltration of water and make the畔竹® PANZHU WRAP  construction house wrap

As shown in the video:

畔竹® PANZHU WRAP barrier wrap is using the hot pressing technology introduced from Germany with strong tensile strength, air permeability and durability.

So what is its tensile strength? We use the nail rod method to measure the tensile strength, which is greater than 120N/50mm.How permeable is it?Water permeability can reach 1000-2500 - g / . 24 h, according to the EU standard.

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