Sustainable development of house wrap

    The sustainable development of house wrap membrane is the trend of the development of science and technology in the times. Now environmental protection technology is more and more popular, of course, to keep up with the pace of development of the times, the manufacture of sustainable development and reusable diaphragm is urgent, of course, house wrap itself is an environmental protection material.

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    I'll start by analyzing the causes of condensation. The air contains colorless moisture, which is usually measured by humidity. The higher the air temperature is, the more water vapor is contained. When the temperature is lower, the air can not contain the original water vapor. The lower the air temperature is, the higher the humidity is. When the humidity reaches 100%, the water vapor condenses into liquid and the condensation occurs. The temperature is called the condensation point. In a building, as long as the hot air in the building volatilizes and touches the roof and wall with lower temperature, the condensation phenomenon will occur. When the condensation phenomenon occurs, water droplets will form on the roof or wall surface, and the water droplets will be absorbed by the building, thus destroying the wall and roof structure, or dripping, damaging the objects in the building. The unique waterproof and vapor permeability of the waterproof and breathable film can not only act as a waterproof layer, but also solve the problem of moisture-proof insulation layer. On the one hand, the water vapor can pass through, not gather in the insulation layer; on the other hand, the roof or wall condensation or seepage moisture will be effectively isolated from the insulation material by the Corteborne waterproof membrane vapor film, and will not enter the insulation layer, thus forming a comprehensive protection of the insulation layer. Ensure the effectiveness of insulation layer and achieve continuous energy saving.

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