Superior Performance of 畔竹® PANZHU Mgo Board

畔竹® PANZHU Magnesium oxide board (commonly known as glass magnesium board) is a new type of non-combustible decorative material, which is a kind of magnesium gelling material made of magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, and water, through configuration and modifier adding , and has stable properties.It is made of alkali glass fiber as reinforcing material and light weight material as filling material.The products are made by special production technics, which makes it fireproof, waterproof, tasteless, non-toxic, non-freezing, non-corrosive, non-cracking, invariable, non-combustible, high strength but light weight, easy installing and has long service life. 

Characteristics of 畔竹® PANZHU fireproof board mgo panels

Excellent fire safety:

Good fireproof performance. It is a non-combustible plate.The flame lasts for zero seconds on it. It is resistant to high temperature of 1200 with the highest fireproof level A1 level.It can be used with channel steel and mineral fiber board to form a one to five hours fireproof partition wall system and one to two hours suspended ceiling system.

Waterproof and moisture-proof:

The performance of 畔竹® PANZHU fireproof board magnesium oxide panels is always stable in cold and dry weather.It is not affected by condensed water and humid air. Even if it is put in the water to soak for a few days and then dry in the natural air, 畔竹® PANZHU fireproof board magnesium oxide wallboard will not deform or become soft. It can still be used normally and will not have the hygroscopic halogenation phenomenon.Through testing, the board has no water permeability.

Lightweight and earthquake resistant:

The apparent density is 0.85-1.2g/cm3, which reduces the building load, reduces the weight of the internal walls by more than 60%, and increases the usable area by 5-8%.Light weight is beneficial to the seismic resistance of the structure and effectively reduces the cost of foundation and main structure.

Superior strength:

Although the weight of 畔竹® PANZHU magnesium oxide wall panel is light, it has compact structure. It has the performance of good stability, no deformation and the toughness of wood. It has excellent performance in impact resistance, compression resistance, tensile resistance and fracture resistance.It is tough and hard, with a bending strength of 25MPa and an impact strength of up to 15KJ/m2.

Eco-friendly and healthy:

畔竹® PANZHU magnesium wall panel has no asbestos, formaldehyde, benzene and harmful radioactive elements.It produces no smoke, no toxicity and no odor while meeting fire.The production material of畔竹® PANZHU magnesium wallboard is natural mineral powder and plant fiber. The production process is natural conservation, less energy consumption, no sewage, energy saving and environmental protection. When using the board, it will not be off powder. Its unique natural pore structure can adjust the indoor temperature and make the room and office more comfortable.

Heat insulation and energy saving:

畔竹® PANZHU magnesium wall panel has uniform pore, the performance of density and the characteristics of inorganic material .Its thermal conductivity is 0.179w/cm·k, more thermal insulating and energy saving than the gray sand brick block with a thermal conductivity of 1.1w/cm·k.It keeps the room a comfortable environment and fresh air.

Easy to install:

High quality 畔竹® PANZHU mgo wall board has stable quality and reliable performance. Compared with other fire prevention board, it has extremely high cost effectiveness,light weight but good performance with moderate price.It has outstanding processing and installation performance which can be stuck , cut, nailed, drilled and painted.It is easy to carry, superior tough and not easy to fracture.You can use self - tapping nails, gun nails and straight nails for installation.You can also use wet and dry hanging method.

Perfect soundproof performance;

畔竹® PANZHU magnesium oxide sheet has superior sound insulation performance,which ensures a quiet and elegant room environment.The light weight performance does not affect the sound insulation.The 6mm thick plate has the sound insulation amount of 29dB. Both sides 9mm 畔竹® PANZHU mgo plate+50 channels +60 rock wool partition system has the sound insulation amount greater than 42dB. Its unique uniform pore structure is more excellent compared with other dense structure fire prevention plate.


畔竹® PANZHU mgo plate has unique smooth and rough surface kinds which provide customers with functional diversity.Smooth surface board can be pasted wallpaper, aluminum plastic board, decorative fireproof board, wood, PVC or sprayed paint and latex paint;Rough surface board can be stuck tile, marble, granite, painted calcium carbonate wall plaster and emulsioni paint.The magnesium oxide board has an excellent affinity for the above materials, which can be used in the field for secondary processing or secondary use. It can be bent and shaped with a diameter of 30cm without loss of physical properties.


Scientific formula completely solve the problem of hygroscopic halogenation of Mgo board.Its strength increases with time. It is corrosion resistance, anti - acid, anti - alkali, with little change during heat expansion and cold contraction. Its drying shrinkage rate is 0.3% or less. Its wet expanding rate is 0.6% or less. It can be normally used in the low temperature of- 40 .After ten years using test, the magnesia board is durable, aging resistance and long life.

Insect and mildew control:

The inorganic mineral powder material constitutes the mold proof, fungus proof, insect proof and termite proof function of 畔竹® PANZHU magnesium oxide board, which conforms to the mold proof standard of European and American building materials.

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