Super Energy-saving Foam Rubber Elastomeric Insulation

Elastomeric Insulation

Elastomeric Insulation is a kind of high elastic lightweight material, mainly used for cold and hot water pipe insulation.As pipe insulation, the Elastomeric Insulation is better than rigid insulation material.Such as:

1. Moisture Resistance, do not need to add a vapor barrier.

2. Stable thermal insulation, thanks to its closed cell structure and high-dense surface structure

3. Ultra-high UV resistance and weather resistance

4. For the cold water pipe, especially for frost control on sub-zero piping.

5. Elastomeric Insulation prevents heat gain and condensation problems on chilled water

and refrigerant pipelines

6. Prevent heat loss of hot water pipe and dual temperature piping.

Elastomeric Insulation


Rubber Foam

Using Temperature

The using temperature of low temperature Rubber Foam can be as low as minus 125 degrees Celsius; the highest using temperature of high temperature Rubber Foam can be as high as 150 degrees Celsius.


Water absorption and moisture resistance

The closed-cell structure of Rubber Foam insulation materials can resist water vapor penetration and has very low water absorption rate, so in many applications, there is no need to add a vapor barrier.However, in tunnels or gutters where humidity exceeds 90% and temperatures exceed 40, or where the sun shines directly, metal or polymer jackets should also be used as additional insulation or extra protection against extreme weather conditions.


PANZHU RUBBER FOAM is a low-smoke product. Unlike other thermoplastic materials, PANZHU RUBBER FOAM insulation does not melt or drip, nor does it help the spread of fires.


Closed Cell Rubber Foam

Products and Applications

In factory using, the talcum powder can be applied to the thick and smooth inner surface, which can help to install the prefabricated Closed Cell Rubber Foam quickly.If it is applied to an exiting line, the pipe should be slit lengthwise and installed with foam rubber glue.Closed Cell Rubber Foam can be easily cut with scissors or razor blade.


PANZHU Closed Cell Rubber Foam has self-adhesive type, which is very time saving and can reduce installation steps.PANZHU Closed Cell Rubber Foam is Healthy and environmental protecting and has no volatile substances.


PANZHU Closed Cell Rubber Foam is a kind of lightweight insulation, which is easy to install on the air ducts to prevent condensation. PANZHU Closed Cell Rubber Foam is energy saving and noise reduction. Aluminum foil Closed Cell Rubber Foam insulation layer can reduce the growth of mold and ensure better air quality.


Pipe Insulation


Pipe Insulation is very suitable for refrigeration system.Rubber Foam Pipe Insulation can reduce the heat exchange between the pipe and the ambient temperature, and reduce the condensation of the cold water pipe.Rubber Foam Pipe Insulation can also be used in low temperature environment.Rubber Foam Pipe Insulation also keeps pipes from freezing if the ambient temperature is below zero.In a refrigeration system with high humidity and frequent condensation, the condensation can damage not only ceilings and floors, but also furniture.At the same time, if the cold water pipe does not use insulation layer, there will be energy loss ,too.

Pipe Insulation is a kind of closed cell structure material which can effectively block the heat convection. And every little cell is just like an independent insulation layer. The pipe insulation is like an insulation with multi-layer and can effectively prevent moisture permeability and heat transmission, therefore pipe insulation materials are often used in cooling system on the cold water pipe.

Excellent moisture resistance and low water absorption.

Very low thermal conductivity.

Rubber Foam


Rubber Foam Sheet

Hot Water Piping System

Rubber Foam Sheet is perfect in reducing the heat loss of hot water pipe.For example: liquid heating pipes, dual temperature piping in hospitals, hotels, residential buildings and factories, etc.

Rubber Foam Sheet are also used in central liquid heating systems in individual houses or public buildings.For applications with outdoor conditions, such as solar tubes, steam heating, etc., the PANZHU Rubber Foam Sheet provides a perfect product with a maximum operating temperature of 150.Rubber Foam Sheet is more sanitary than fibre insulation and free of harmful substances such as asbestos and formaldehyde.Rubber Foam Sheet is an excellent choice for pipe insulation.

Maximum operating temperature can be up to 150 degrees Celsius, extreme UV and climate adaptability

Stable insulation performance

Low water absorption rate

Except in the long - term use under the sun shine, the Rubber Foam Sheet do not need to be used with a protective jacket. 

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