Service life of house wrap

The durability of house wrap for building is a problem now. There is no relevant test method to verify the durability of materials in China. Permeable film is generally not exposed to use, it is recommended to adopt hot air aging test method, after a certain temperature and time aging test to test the mechanical properties of the material, impermeability and water vapor capacity of the performance index retention rate, through the performance retention rate to verify the durability of the material.


The product is generally laid on the top of the insulation cotton, and under the colored steel tile, the moisture of the insulation layer can be evaporated as soon as possible to extend the service life of the insulation layer.

House wrap between the insulation layer and color steel plate, using special fiber structure, in the prevention of wind and rain on the erosion of the building structure, enhance the air tightness and water tightness of the building, but also provide a unique permeability, new house wrap reflective film can increase the building's insulation effect, even make the steel structure internal water vapor Quickly discharge, effectively avoid the formation of mold and condensation, protect the thermal performance of the envelope structure, and radiate personal efficacy. It has the characteristics of simple installation, low cost, light weight and so on. It is a new type of waterproof material for steel structure.

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