Requirements for waterproof breathable membrane in curtain wall construction

    What are the key points in the construction of waterproof breathable membrane for curtain wall construction? Curtain wall is the external wall of the building enclosure, no load-bearing, hanging like a curtain, it is commonly used in modern large-scale high-rise buildings with decorative effect of light wall. The waterproof breathable membrane of curtain wall is a waterproof breathable membrane on the curtain wall, which is mainly used for waterproofing.


    1. Corner code, connector treatment: Clean up the dust and oil stains on the corner code before construction, ensure that the corner code is clean, to ensure that the corner code and waterproof breathable film bonding effect. Corner through the waterproof breathable membrane should try to ensure the integrity of the waterproof breathable membrane, waterproof breathable membrane curve flooding will corner a week with waterproof breathable membrane completely sealed. The sealing point is not less than 2cm with the corner code.

    2. Gate and window openings treatment: the waterproof breathable membrane and window frame and door frame overlap, the application of waterproof breathable membrane linear flooding seal, corner waterproof breathable membrane curve flooding seal. The bonding width of the sealing point and the window frame and door frame is not less than 2cm, and the width of the bond at the corner is not less than 10cm. Installation sequence is: lower part of the window frame lower corner of the window frame side frame of the window frame upper corner of the window frame upper part of the window frame sealing.

    3. In roofing construction, the waterproof breathable film should be laid along the water direction of the roof, the overlap length is 10cm. When the roof high-strength aluminum alloy bracket passes through the waterproof and breathable film, the aluminum alloy bracket and the waterproof breathable film joint, with butyl rubber band around a ring for sealing.

    4. Waterproof breathable film should not be exposed to ultraviolet radiation for a long time. In order to avoid damage after construction, it is necessary to finish the decoration works as soon as possible.

    5. Avoid penetrating and opening on the waterproof breathable membrane as far as possible in the construction process, and ensure the integrity of the waterproof breathable membrane as far as possible. If it must be opened or penetrated, the penetration and opening shall be sealed with butyl tape.

    6. Waterproof breathable film has no obvious flame retardant effect. Welding should be avoided as far as possible for the joints of curtain wall engineering. Open-fire operation (including welding) should be arranged before the construction of waterproof and breathable film. Open-fire operation (including electric welding) should be prohibited near the waterproof and breathable film.

    7. The waterproof breathable membrane used in this project is 1.5 meters wide and 50 meters long. When laying waterproof breathable membrane, it should be laid from bottom to top, lapped along the water, lapped up and down 15 cm, lapped around 10 cm, fixed waterproof breathable membrane with rock wool nail, fixed spacing of 50 cm, fixed place, rock wool nail with butyl adhesive tape sealing surface. The size of the product is completely covered by butyl tape.

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