PANZHU WRAP Ultra Low Temperature Foam Rubber

Ultra Low Temperature Foam Rubber

Fanfei flexible cryogenic insulation system is specially designed for the ultra-low temperature working environment. It has the inherent characteristics of shock resistance, and its low-temperature elastomer material can absorb the energy of external mechanical impact and vibration to protect the system structure.The impact force from any part can be widely dispersed by the elastomer material, so as to avoid the risk of cracking of rigid foam insulation material due to stress concentration.Reducing thermal stress is one of the important characteristics convincing that the system is better than the traditional rigid foam.These traditional rigid materials do not have elasticity at room temperature or low temperature, so there is a general phenomenon of thermal insulation performance decline caused by damage of cooling structure under external force and extrusion cracking of materials under thermal stress

Product Advantages

PANZHU WRAP alkadiene expanded rubber

01 Built-in Vapor Barrier and Moisture Resistive Layer

There is no need to install moisture resistive layer in PANZHU WRAP ultra low temperature  insulation system.Thanks to their unique closed cell structure and polymer blend,low temperature elastomer materials have high water vapor resistance performance.This foaming material enables the product to have continuous moisture penetration resistance throughout the thickness direction.

PANZHU WRAP diolefine cellular rubber

02 Built-in Expansion Joint

Instead of using fibrous materials as expansion fillers, the PANZHU WRAP flexible ultra-low temperature adiabatic system only needs to leave the recommended reserved length and install each layer of low-temperature elastomer materials with pressure to solve the expansion joints problem caused by the traditional system.

PANZHU WRAP dienes sponge rubber

03.The Temperature Range - 200 to + 125

The most economic and reliable cooling system with multi-layer composite structure can overcome the thermal stress at low temperature and provide maximum mechanical properties.At low temperature cryogenic conditions, it can maintain low thermal conductivity, good insulation effect and oxygen index up to more than 32.It can be used in low temperature to - 200 with cold insulation performance.

PANZHU WRAP diolefin foam rubber

04.  Ultra low temperature with normal elasticity

PANZHU WRAP flexible ultra-low temperature insulation products have the characteristics of low thermal conductivity, light weight and low temperature elasticity.The unique blue color of the product can facilitate the identification and installation of the product. In some occasions,it can be installed in cold condition without stopping the machine.It can greatly reduce the joints to ensure the air tightness of the system and improve the construction speed, no fiber no dust.

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