PANZHU WRAP Breather Membrane HP-F49 Enhanced

PANZHU WRAP Breather Membrane HP-F49 Enhanced is one of the main products of our company. It can be applied to many types of curtain wall structure insulation for waterproofing, breathable and mildew proofing.It can do waterproof, breathable and mildew-proof work on insulation under roof tile of timer structure; It can become waterproof, breathable and mildew-proof layer on the insulation inside curtain wall of prefabricated building;It is also a waterproof, breathable and mildew-proof membrane on the insulation inside the IBR Steets in the steel structure .

TPANZHU WRAP Breather Membrane has good air permeability and durability, which can reach the European standard.The water vapour transmission of PANZHU WRAP breather membrane reaches the international standards of 700 g / . 24 h, equivalent to 48.5 of the U.S. perm, Canada's 2765ng/Pa/s/m².

Other Properties of PANZHU WRAP Breather Membrane:

Air Tightness: The American National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) published

a report in 2005 titled "the influence of Commercial Building Palisade Structure Tightness upon HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning)  energy utilization survey. The report showed that compared with buildings without waterproof breathable membrane, the energy cost saving rate of heating and cooling of the building using waterproof breathable membrane can reach about 40% at most.

Waterproof: The unique microporous structure of PANZHU WRAP Breather Membrane makes it not only breathable but also waterproof, and it can bear the water column of two meters impervious for two hours.To protect the insulation layer from the direct invasion of external rain.

Durability: The tear resistance of PANZHU WRAP Breather Membrane HP-F49 can reach 150N / 50mm.

Eco friendly: The energy saving performance is mentioned in the air tightness part.40% energy is saved by using Breather Membrane.With easy installation and low cost, it is the best choice for building use.

Recycling: PANZHU WRAP Breather Membrane can be recycled according to the service life.

Anti-UV: PANZHU WRAP Breather Membrane can be exposed to ultraviolet for 4 months before construction at most, so please take out the Breather Membrane just before construction. Do not take out the product too early.

Service life: After the installation of the Breather Membrane, without meeting ultraviolet light, the service life of the product can be the same as the building .

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