Many people are full of doubts about the use of VAPOR BARRIER?Where should VAPOR BARRIER be used? What are the applications?How to use it?We are going to talk about VAPOR BARRIERS today:


1. Completely airtight: The first one is similar to our plastic sheets, whose air permeability can be considered zero.If installed in the room, we should consider whether it will be too airtight that the room is easy to grow mold and rot inside.Therefore, this one is generally not recommended to use.



2. Very low water vapor transmission rate: less than or equal to 15g/m2.24h, which is our general meaning of VAPOR RETARDER.It is often used inside the insulation in cold areas and outside the insulation in wet areas, which can greatly prevent the flow of moisture from the high pressure side to the low pressure side and promote the insulation to breathe and dry quietly on the dryer side.In addition, indoor activities will produce water vapor and cause condensation inside the insulation and become water droplets. Therefore, the R value of the insulation will be reduced.If the vapor retarder is installed inside the insulation, it will protect the insulation away from condensation and mold.


3.Reflective VAPOR BARRER IN CRAWL SPACE: reflective type of VAPOR BARRER IN CRAWL SPACE is vacuum aluminized on the basis of ordinary type of VAPOR BARRIER. The product has a high reflectivity, which can reach about 95%, and can effectively prevent the heat inside the room from radiating outside, keeping the room warm in winter and cool in summer.


1. Wood house: from the outside to the inside, it is: external wall siding-- intermediate battens-- house wrap-- rock wool insulation --VAPOR BARRIER FOR INSULATION. In the basement of wood house, it is important to install VAPOR BARRIER FOR INSULATION and house wrap, so as to keep the insulation dry and prevent the internal growth of mold.The basement is a special place. If the air in the basement is not fresh, the stale air will easily enter into the upside room of the family.It affects the health of family members.

2. Steel house: external IBR sheet -- house wrap -- rock wool insulation -- VAPOR BARRIER FOR INSULATION -- internal IBR sheet.It is very important to install a VAPOR BARRIER FOR INSULATION in steel house.Because the steel house is more easily to get rust.If the internal VAPOR BARRIER FOR INSULATION is not done well, the water vapor will easily get into the insulation, and corrode the steel house.

3. Curtain wall: wall cladding ---- channel -- house wrap -- rock wool insulation ---VAPOR BARRIER FOR INSULATION---internal wall. 



4.Cold storage application: the internal temperature of the cold storage is very low, and the temperature difference between the outside and the inside is large, so the difference between the internal and external steam pressure is also very big. If the VAPOR BARRIER INSULATION is not installed inside the cold storage, the internal moisture will flow into the insulation from time to time, resulting in the reducing of R value and large amount of energy consumption. If it is in the south, the outside of the insulation is usually installed with a house wrap and in the north,  the outside of the insulation is usually installed with a VAPOR BARRIER INSULATION, too.


As one of the products with very low air permeability, each kind of vapor barrier and house wrap have it own water vapor transmission rate. Which one to choose depends on the location and the house condition.Whether to choose a house wrap or a VAPOR BARRIER IN BASEMENT is all according to the region and the actual situation.

PANZHU VAPOR BARRIER IN BASEMENT has very low water vapor transmission rate less than or equal to 15g/m2.24h, high tensile strength, high reflectivity, and can achieve excellent wind and rain insulation effect.PANZHU VAPOR BARRIER IN BASEMENT are inorganic products, so the service life is long and will not affected by the infestation of insects and ants.


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