PANZHU Reflective Breathable Membrane radiation barrier

PANZHU Reflective Breathable Membrane foil insulation is a kind of high quality, multifunctional, low-cost reflective breathing membrane.It is suitable for all pitched cold and warm roofs and insulated walls.This material meets EN 13859-1 standard for roofs and EN 13859-2 standard for walls.When used in a suitable structure, the membrane will provide the insulation with better R value(material thermal resistance) and U value(system thermal evaluation) values.The product has excellent water resistance, and air permeability, due to the addition of aluminum foil layer, its tensile strength and tear resistance value are higher too.PANZHU Reflective Breathable Membrane reflective insulation also conforms to EU 13501-1 Fire Grade E.

PANZHU Reflective Breathable Membrane radiant barrier insulation is a perfect radiant barrier.In summer, it can reflect excess sunlight back to reduce the indoor temperature;In winter, it can reflect the indoor heat back, so as to improve the indoor temperature.Now the whole world is advocating green environmental protection, more energy saving, less environmental pollution.

PANZHU Reflective Breathable Membrane foil backed insulation, the best choice for you.

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