PANZHU Radiant Barrier

The reflectivity of aluminum used by PANZHU Radiant Barrier can reach more than 97%.

The Types of PANZHU Radiant Barrier

A. PANZHU reflective breathable membrane HW - RTS uses vacuum aluminum plating technology. The aluminized layer enhances the thermal performance of the building on the one hand. On the other hand, in the project with larger construction area, where the material exposing time is longer, aluminized surface can reflect off some ultraviolet ray and avoid the aging problem of materials caused by direct sun exposure for a long time.

1. Good air permeability: reflective breathable membrane has the same air permeability as the standard ones. The water vapor transmission rate of PANZHU reflective breathable membrane is 700-1000g/m2.24h( Equal to 48-63 US PERM)

2. Good insulation performance:the reflective breathable membrane has excellent vacuum aluminized layer which can reflect the ultraviolet radiation and effectively control the internal temperature of the attic and house in summer.

3.    Durability: The aluminum layer plated on the surface of breathable membrane has excellent ductility, which greatly increases the tensile strength of the breathable membrane and enhances the durability of the breathable membrane.

B. PANZHU Reflective Vapor Barrier VB-S uses the hot pressing technology

1. Moisture Resistance: PANZHU reflective vapor barrier is used in the interior of glass wool or rock wool to prevent indoor water vapor from penetrating into the insulation,which will cause mold and rot inside the insulation.

2. Insulation Performance: PANZHU reflective vapor barrier is used in the interior of the insulation layer to prevent the indoor heat from radiating to the outside and enhance the insulation effect.

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