PANZHU NEW PRODUCT Reflective Breathable Membrane

                          PANZHU NEW PRODUCT Reflective Breathable Membrane

Radiant barrier is vacuum aluminum plated house wrap ,it can not only reflect radiation but also breathable.The aluminum coating can not only protect the insulation from mold and rot but also enhance the thermal performance of the building.In projects with larger construction area, the material can be exposed to the outside for a longer time, because the aluminum coating surface can reflect part of the ultraviolet rays to avoid material aging problem caused by direct sunlight.

radiant barrier

Reflective house wrap can effectively block the diffusion of indoor heat radiation in winter, reduce the loss of indoor heat so that strengthen the thermal insulation effect of the building.

Reflective breathable membrane reflects the outdoor radiation, reduce the building's absorption of heat radiation. so as to keep the indoor air cool and reduce the refrigeration energy consumption in summer.

reflective house wrap

Foil insulation is also more durable than the standard ones. The tensile strength is 240N/50mm, which will meet the use of ordinary use of house wrap.

Reflective insulation is also flame retardant. It is self extinguish without flame.

Reflective breathable membrane

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