Nonwoven Nonperforated House Wrap

House Wrap

The 2015 International Residential Code (Section R703.1.1 Water Resistance) sets forth the following requirements for the design and construction of external wall enclosures:

In order to prevent moisture from accumulating inside the wall, a waterproof layer must be added behind the wall cladding as part of the drainage system.Section R703.2 states that at least one waterproof layer must be added behind the cladding.The waterproof layer shall be installed horizontally. The upper layer should lap over the lower layer not less than 51mm.The waterproof layer needs to be installed continuously from the top of the wall.In the wall accessories and penetrations, the installation methods can be according to the manufacturers instructions.

House Wrap


Waterproof Membrane

Performance and advantages of Waterproof Membrane

Waterproof Membrane is one of the main protections of wall structure from wind and rain. Good Waterproof Membrane must have the following key properties:


1. Air barrier: a good Waterproof Membrane can help prevent small air flows from entering the wall, which will reduce the whole R value and indoor comfort of the house.With a proper external air layer outside the membrane, the system can reduce the cold bridge phenomenon.The installation shall follow the manufacturer's installation instructions.

2. Moisture resistance: a good waterproof membrane can effectively prevent the moisture permeated behind the cladding from further permeating into the wall structure.At the same time, good air permeability can release the moisture generated by indoor life and condensation inside the walls, preventing the phenomenon of mildew, decay and bacteria breeding caused by water vapor.


Breathable Membrane

3. Rate of drying: Breathable Membrane acts as a protective layer to absorb moisture and release it.If the moisture absorbed into the membrane is not discharged in time, the Breathable Membrane itself may also be affected by moisture problems.The effective solution is to use wooden strips to fix the Breathable Membrane in place.This creates a layer of air on the outside of the Breathable Membrane.Even in the side with no sun, the Breathable Membrane can get dry quickly by volatilization.

4. Durability: good breathing paper must be able to withstand the harsh conditions of the construction site and continue to work for the owner for decades after construction is completed.Therefore, higher tensile strength is a necessary property of Breathable Membrane.


Air Barrier

The new kind of Air Barrier of PANZHU BRAND is made of extremely thin fibers arranged closely together to form a powerful membrane.The fibers are carefully designed to form millions of tiny pores that can resist large amounts of water and air but allow moisture to pass through.

This products produced by this unique technique has higher air resistance, water resistance and moisture permeability. The tensile strength and tear strength have also been greatly improved, too.


Can Air Barrier be used together with the vapor barrier?

Whether use vapor barriers or note depends on how the house is built and the climate in which it is located.If the internal temperature is higher than the external temperature for most of the year, and the interior is heated for longer periods of time, then vapor barrier is appropriate.If the humidity of the ambient area is very high, then vapor barrier is not proper to be used.

Waterproof Membrane


Building Wrap

Installation of Building Wrap

1. The installation of Building Wrap around doors and Windows shall comply with the manufacturer's instructions.

2. It is better to use wood strip to fix the Building Wrap. Use long screws or insulation screw to fix the building wrap and wooden strip on the sheath wall. If there are some exterior insulation, the building wrap should be installed outside the insulation. The screw should be long enough to penetrate the wooded strip, the building wrap and the insulation and finally fixed onto the sheath wall.


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