NEW PRODUCT HOUSE WRAP ------ Secret Material For Waterproofing of Buildings

NEW PRODUCT HOUSE WRAP ------ Secret Material For Waterproofing of Buildings


People know that it is not easy to build a house. When the outdoor temperature ranges from -20℃to -30℃, your house needs to use a large amount of energy to maintain a comfortable temperature.If your house isn't energy efficient enough, you might be surprised by the energy cost.Therefore, now from the state to the social attention, everybody pay more attention to environmental protection and energy conservation.The country is gradually implementing a green building plan, and builders are responding to it by gradually renovate new buildings into more green ones.The best thing to save energy---- insulation, has become a household name. But it seems that a protective layer for insulation called house wrap(also known as breathing membrane) should be paid much more attention.

House Wrap


It seems that the waterproof membrane affects the insulation layer a lot. If a good insulation can be used with a waterproof membrane, the thermal insulating performance will be doubled. The comfort level of the house will be raised. The air circulation of the house will be better and the possibility of rot and mold will be reduced. WATERPROOF MEMBRANE is a kind of new revolutionary product, which is thermal insulating, air permeable, waterproof and healthy!



1. Wind and water resistance: the R value of any insulation is measured when the insulation is dry and the internal air is in static state. If there are some air flow inside the insulation, the R value of the insulation will be affected definitely. Adding thickness of the insulation won't solve the problem at all. But this can be solved by our little breathable membrane.The breathable membrane is very thin, but it is windproof and waterproof.Although there is no wind proof test in China now, the wind proof performance of our products can be clearly detected on the samples.When blowing air by mouth to one side of the product, you can feel the hot moisture on the other side. That means the membrane is breathable.And when blowing, you can feel obvious resistance, which means that our product is windproof.As for the waterproof test, domestic test is 1500mm water column impermeable for two hours in China now, which we can completely achieve. Although there is no test of 2000mm water column impermeable for two hours now in China ,which means W1 Class waterproof, we have confidence in our products.


2. Air permeability: the latest tested product of PANZHU WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE has the air permeability of 1976g/m2.24h (temperature: 38, humidity difference is 90% on both sides), which is equivalent to 118 us perm in the US. PANZHU WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE is a highly breathable product, which can better protect the house and prevent the mold and rot.

3.Tensile strength: is the tensile strength of the product weakened due to the increased air permeability?No, the tensile strength of the product has reached 235N/50mm, which is equivalent to 4.7N/mm test value used in Europe and America. The tensile strength can completely meet the using standards of many high-end products in Europe and America.

Waterproof Membrane


4.Enhancement of wind resistance: how to enhance the wind resistance of BREATHING MEMBRANE?Use wood strips to fix the BREATHING MEMBRANE. The nails on the strips should be fixed on the structure wall panels.This kind of installation method can make the BREATHING MEMBRANE better fit to the structure, and give full play to its windproof performance. BREATHING MEMBRANE can reduce the heat and cold bridges inside the house, so that there will be no cold air permeability inside the house, which is an excellent choice to improve the comfort of the house.

5. Anti-aging property: the product has been tested at a high temperature of 80 degrees Celsius for 168 hours, and the tensile retention rate is above 74%.Even at an extreme temperature of 80 degrees Celsius, the product can still maintain so much performance.It is completely trouble-free for normal use.

6. Whether the product is environmentally friendly: the product is made by the most advanced hot pressing technology, without any smell, and has a long service life.PANZHU BREATHING MEMBRANE has no effect on indoor air quality.

So what? Have you installed BREATHING MEMBRANE in your house?It's time to choose one for your house!

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