Knowledge of waterproof level of products

The waterproof level of the product also reflects the ability of moisture and dust proof of the product. In the special use environment, the sealing and waterproof ability of the product is very important to ensure the safe use and life of the product. For this reason, the corresponding standards for waterproofing of products have been developed internationally.

HWG-49 (1).jpgHWG-49 (6)_副本.jpg

IPxx dustproof and waterproof level

Dust-proof grades (first X)

0: no protection

1: prevent large solid invasion.

2: prevent medium sized solid intrusion.

3: prevent small solids from invading.

4: prevent solids from entering more than 1mm.

5: prevent harmful dust accumulation.

6: completely prevent dust from entering.

Waterproof level (second X)

0: no protection

1: droplet dripping into the shell has no effect.

2: when the shell tilts to 15 degrees, droplet dripping into the shell has no effect.

3: water or rain has no effect from 60 corners to the shell.

4: the liquid splashed into any case in any direction without damage.

5: rinse with water without any harm.

6: it can be used in the cabin environment.

7: it can be soaked in a short time (1m).

8: immerse in water for a long time under certain pressure.

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