Knowledge Classroom: Construction Tools Commonly Used for House Wrap

All sorts of things that are used at coating waterproof job is the main technique of construction skill. The quality of things that choose and the skilled usage is also an important factor that raises waterproof breathable film construction skill.

1. Rubber board brush.Thick root, thin head, with a good rubber scraper, primarily suitable for drainage, around vertical pipe , light and shade angle and bump more complex parts.

2. Sponge Brush.A small brush (200~300mm) wider than the rubber board brush (scraper) which is used for the construction of polyurethane waterproof coating. It can daub the coating with large amount of reciprocating pressure in a large area for one time.The board brush is made of sponge or rubber board.The brush waist is a few soft. The brush head is better to choose the material that is not worn easily. The handle should be strong, not easy to slide and quite easy to hold.

3. The trowel or rubber trowel which is used for plastering.The commonly used plastering trowel is also known as the United States trowel. The more strength you use to wipe,the less paint is coated; The less strength you use. the more paint is coated. The strength should be controlled according to the flow characteristics of the material.You should use it skillfully. The rubber trowel is made of hard rubber foam board in the shape of a trowel. After perforating, the device is compounded to the bottom board of the trowel, and the usage is the same as the plastering type trowel.

4. Roller. We use the roller for coatings just as what we do for the underlying coating.Because of  the big viscosity and poor fluidity of polyurethane waterproof coating, the coating surface is difficult to flow to the same level. If we only use sponge board brush and the plastering trowel, The ripple and wipe that board brush left is not easy to disappear. If now, we use the roller to press above, we can easily obtain a smooth waterproof coating surface. After the roller is used in construction, it should be cleaned with solvent.

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