Industrial and Architecture Application of Rock Wool

Rock Wool                   

Rock wool has appear around centuries ago, starting with volcanic eruptions. A gust of wind blew away lava, and the lava was blown into filaments and turned into rock fibers. People found these rock wool fibers and developed some were methods to create synthetic rock wool fibers. The fibers were glue together and cured into boards or blankets, which has become one of the most popular thermal insulation products on the market today.


Mineral Wool

Building Applications

The application of rock wool in architecture is mainly on the thermal and sound insulation of walls, air conditioning pipes and roofs.

The density of rock wool board used in the wall is usually 40-100kg/m3

The density of rock wool board used for roof insulation is usually 150kg/m3.


Marine Application

Rock wool board for Marine application needs to have hydrophobic property.

Industrial Application

Rock wool products are particularly suitable for industrial insulation.Rock wool will not become corrosive at high temperatures.Rock wool products are widely used in oil fields, chemical industry, power plants and cement plants.

Rock Wool


Soundproof Insulation

2. Products and market

Mineral wool soundproof insulation can be made into a variety of products of different density.Mineral wool soundproof insulation can be made into various shapes or used with different facing materials. Products range from loose injected rock wool to prefabricated rock wool tubes.

Rock wool soundproof insulation material is mainly used for energy saving, noise reduction, fire risk reduction, and personal and property safety protection.Now, rock wool soundproof insulation is mostly used for energy-saving and heat preservation of the buildings. Rock wool soundproof insulation can also be used in floor and partition wall for sound and thermal insulation.


Fireproof Insulation

Examples of wall application:

The wall heat preservation

New house insulation or to renovations of old houses.

Exterior wall application for high-rise buildings.

Fire barrier for buildings

Indoor fireproof partition

Pipe insulation

Mineral Wool


Wall Insulation


Excellent insulation performance

Flame endurance time exceeds 3 hours

Excellent sound insulation performance

The extremely high melting temperature (it can be used at 600for a long time without deformation) makes rock wool suitable for some industrial applications

Inorganic products free from mold, bacteria and animals.

Good water resistance, the highest water content only 5%.

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