Identification of house wrap

House wrap in the laboratory testing items include: anti-aging ability, temperature resistance, water vapor throughput, hydrostatic pressure, these aspects.

HWG-30 (1).jpgHWG-30 (8).jpg

The real house wrap is not made of glue, so the temperature resistance is -40℃, 100℃. Nor is it made from polyethylene or TPO, so the air permeability should be more than 1500g / square / 24 hours. It is basically not air permeable when it is made from polyethylene or TPO. The hydrostatic pressure test shows that the hydrostatic pressure of the thin waterproof and breathable membrane is at least 1.5 meters and that of the thick waterproof and breathable membrane is at least 2 meters. Anti-aging is necessary, because PP materials are easy to aging under ultraviolet radiation, some counterfeit waterproof and breathable membrane is produced with very poor recycled materials, this waterproof and breathable membrane in the construction process is easy to aging degradation.

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