How to Use Glass Wool And Make the Best Sound Insulation Effect

Glass Wool Soundproof Insulation

Environmental problems are the common concerns of millions of households. How to improve the quality of life and who CARES about the health of the people? These issues concerning people's livelihood need urgent solutions. A little noise problem, said small not big. But it affect the normal life of the broad masses of the people, study, work, lead to lack of concentration, dizziness, headache, vomiting etc, or even lead to high blood pressure, heart disease and other diseases. If properly solved, all happy, if not, all affected.

Glass Wool Acoustic Insulation

Glass wool Acoustic Insulation has good sound absorption effect. If used with other sound insulation materials, glass wool acoustic insulation may get better sound absorption effect. Glass wool acoustic insulation can be used with elastomeric insulation, channel, plasterboard and made into sound insulation wall, or used with anti-vibration pad and made into sound insulation floor. Composite sound insulation material often get better sound insulation effect. The installation method is as below:  

Glass Wool

1. Acoustic insulation treatment for the ceiling: divide the traditional hanging wire into two parts, with wood frame ceiling hanger in the middle and hang the channel at the bottom.Put two layers of glass wool with the bulk density of 35 and 40 in the channel cavity. Install mineral fiber ceiling tiles with building sealants on the seams between ceilings or between ceiling and wall. If needed, a layer of Polyester fibre Acoustic panel can be installed outside.

Fiber Glass Insulation

2. Wall sound insulation treatment -- along the wall, lay the top steel channel, bottom steel channel and the vertical steel channel with a interval of 600mm. Add Fiber Glass Insulation between the interval with a density of 40. 

Soundproof Insulation

Above the vertical channel, we should install some Isomax Clip System with the interval of also 600 mm.

Acoustic Insulation

 Between the interval, we should add some glass wool acoustic insulation with a density of 30.

Glass Wool

An acoustic celotex board( two layers of board with a layer of deadening felt in the middle, every two should use the staggered joints connecting method). 

Soundproof Insulation

If necessary, a layer of Polyester fibre Acoustic panel could be installed outside the acoustic celotex board.

Acoustic Insulation

3. Pipe sound insulation treatment -- wrap the Fiber Glass Insulation outside the pipe, and the outer layer can be another layer of glass wool felt.

Glass Wool Insulation

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