How to Select a Microporous House Wrap for Building

The construction use house wrap mainly has two functions---waterproof and breathable, so the Impermeability and water vapor transmission rate are two main test items for it.For microporous films, the impermeability and water vapor transmission rate are mutually dependent.The larger the pore diameter is, the greater the water vapor transmission rate is, at the same time the impermeability decreases.Therefore, we cannot blindly pursue the high test numbers of these two performances. While the two inspection items are balanced, it can effectively be waterproof and prevent condensation. When the cold and hot temperature difference caused condensation, water droplets will be formed on the surface of the roof or the wall. Then the water droplets will invade the building or the insulation layer, reduce the thermal efficiency of the insulation layer and affect the durability of the building.House wrap is installed outside the insulation layer to ensure the effective discharge of water vapor in the enclosure system in order to solve the problem of moisture condensation and protect the insulation layer.Prevention of condensation is a key index of permeable film. Although excessive water vapor can reflect a certain degree of permeability, it cannot finally determine whether the permeable film has anti-condensation function. Therefore, it is necessary to develop appropriate test methods for application performance to detect the anti-condensation function of permeable film according to the requirements of the application environment.We can refer to the Japanese anti-condensation test method of JISA6111:2004, and then develop a suitable anti-condensation test method according to local weather conditions.

The durability of house wrap for building is a problem now. Generally, the permeable film will not be exposed for use. It is recommended to adopt the hot air aging test method to test the mechanical properties, impermeability and water vapor retention rate of the material after the aging test at a certain temperature and time, and to verify the durability of the material through the performance retention rate.

Fanfei (Beijing) Energy Saving Technology Co., ltd.are engaged in construction material production industry since 1990 and established the company in 1995. 

Most of our products could provide OEM service according to customers’ requirement. Our strong R&D team could offer powerful technical support.

We started exporting business at 2015, we have exported our products to more than 10 countries including Russia, India, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Southeast Asia and Australia.

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The main products of the company are exterior house wrap for building waterproof and thermal insulation system. The main material of breathable membrane is polyolefin microporous membrane, which has many tiny holes. The size of these holes can prevent rain water from penetrating but allow water vapor to pass through.In this way, the small water droplets generated by condensation in the insulation material can be smoothly permeated from the breathable roof membrane, which reduces the possibility of mold and decay of the insulation material and thus effectively extends the service life of the insulation material.

Our house wrap material has reached the European Standard.  

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