PANZHU radiant barrier?

Radiant Barrier is a kind of aluminum foil composite membrane.The composite membrane reflects sunlight like a mirror without absorbing it.After reflecting the sunlight out, the heat absorbed by the insulation layer is greatly reduced, effectively reducing the temperature of the roof.

Radiant barrier attic is not affected by humidity, no matter what kind of climate conditions, it can maintain the existing energy saving efficiency.

In order to control the temperature of the roof more effectively, we should first understand the following heat transmission ways.

radiant barrier

Heat travels in three main ways: conduction, convection and radiation.

Conduction: conduction occurs when two solid objects are in contact with each other.Heat is transferred between two objects by molecular motion.For example, if your hand touches the surface of a light bulb, the heat from the glass is transferred to your hand.

Convection: the transfer of heat by convection through the movement of fluids, such as water, rising hot air, or steam.Hot air rises and cold air falls.This creates what is called a convection loop.People can create their own convection circuits by using fans to circulate air around the room.This creates what is called a forced convection loop.

Radiation: heat transmitted by infrared rays is called radiation.

How does conventional insulation work

Traditional insulation materials, such as glass wool, polystyrene foam plastic board and rock wool.These products only absorb or slow down heat convection and conduction but do not completely block heat.When the insulation absorbs 100 percent of the heat, it starts to transfer heat, and the rate of heat transfer is the R value of the insulation.

 Radiant barrier attic

Attic barrier has two physical properties

Reflection = the ratio of sunlight hitting the aluminum foil

Emissivity = emissivity is the ratio of the radiation energy of an object at a certain temperature to the radiation energy of a black body at the same temperature.The emissivity of the black body is equal to 1, and the emissivity of other objects is between 0 and 1.In general, the darker the material, the rougher the surface, the closer the emissivity is to 1. 

Radiant barrier roofneed a radiant space

No matter how you want to install a radiant barrier, it must has 3-4 inches of space on either side of the material.Either side is OK.The purpose of space is to prevent reflected heat from transferred by conduction.

Attic heat barrier is up to 97%, which can effectively reflect heat generated by sunlight.


Reduce heat transfer from the attic to the living space by 16-42%

Extend the service life of air conditioning units

Improve comfort in your home or building

Cut monthly cooling costs by as much as 17 percent.

Safe and easy to install

You don't need a respirator

No toxic/carcinogenic

Clean and light;Easy to handle

Installation does not require special tools or clothing

Does not promote the growth of fungi or bacteria

No nests for rodents or pests

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